Top 30 Best WhatsApp Status of 2021

Whatsapp status

Are you a travel enthusiast or a social influencer? Well, you must definitely be using the messaging app Whatsapp. But, are you aware of all its features? Read the full article to know how to use Whatsapp Status effectively. Whatsapp Status In recent times, with the advent of social media platforms, Whatsapp has emerged to …

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Different Types of Psychometric Tests

Psychometric Tests

Psychometric tests are often used by the companies to measure the variety of skills of the candidate on deciding whether or not to select someone. The companies took various tests to understand the mental stamina of a person. The main reason for testing is to see how well the candidate can screen the things and …

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Why Intro And Outro Are Game Changer For YouTube?

If you have spent a little time on your Smartphone and the Internet, you must be aware of YouTube, the popular video-sharing platform. Yes, YouTube is a rage nowadays among everyone. There are millions of content creators who are earning handsomely through their popular YouTube channels. If you think you have some talent, then there …

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10 Best Baby Walker in India 2021

best baby walker

A baby walker encourages and supports babies who are in the initial stage of standing or walking. This product improves the posture of the baby while helping them to move around on their own. They also come with toys and music, which makes their learning process an enjoyable one. There are many baby walkers available …

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“Kutta” on Play Store = TikTok – Why?

why tiktok is showing in the search result of Kutta on play store

Search “Kutta” on Play Store, The Result will be TikTok: After the great success of Chutiya news anchor of India on google search results. It’s now time for TikTok! If you search on the term “Kutta” on the play store you will get TikTok in the top results. Kutta is the Hindi translation of dog. …

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5 Common Categories of New Hires Who Won’t Stay For Long

probation extension letter

It is extremely crucial to stay alert and judicious when you recruit new employees in your organization. The person entering your door might be a waste of investment and resources, an impersonator, an offender with a criminal record, or God knows what! Freshers could come with all sorts of bad intentions into a company, including …

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