5 Stylish Ways to Wear a Beanie

The cold months are coming up soon, and nothing makes for a cozier outfit than soft personalised beanies. If you are clueless about winter headwear styles or want to have some tips on how to wear styles correctly with a beanie, this article discusses ways to style up your beanie. Of course, how you wear a beanie will depend on the style and type of beanie you have. Regardless if they are long or short, whether cuffed or uncuffed, you can switch them around and play with the shape until it is positioned precisely where you want it.

5 Stylish Ways to Wear a Beanie

Here are the five most stylish and different ways to wear a Beanie:-

Sticking straight up

To accomplish this style, it is all about selecting the right beanie. You want a beanie that is a little stiff, so it is able to keep straight up rather than fall backward on your head. It may take a while to achieve this look because the additional fabric at the top will need adjusting. But as time passes, it will become one of the best tips to wear a beanie since you don’t have to make adjustments. You can put this style of beanie on and strut on the street.

Wear your beanie all the way down

This look works best with shorter beanies. These types of beanies are otherwise known as fisherman beanies. You can pull it all the way down, so it encloses your entire head without covering your eyes. It is critical to see what’s going on around you. Some beanie styles are even shorter so that your ears are exposed. It will also be better if you wore personalised beanies for a standout style.


You can achieve this style with longer-style beanies. It may be placed over your head just sufficiently enough so there is material on the back that folds over. You can experiment with the fabric, so it sits how you prefer it.

beanie wearing styles
beanie wearing styles

Super Slouchy

This style works optimally with extremely long beanies or if your hat is the cuffed style. You can unroll it, so you have extra material to make adjustments with. It is pretty self-explanatory. Put it over your head where you want to position it. Afterward, fold over the fabric at the back so that it sits nicely.

Pushed back

If you have bangs or dislike covering all of your hair, you can also choose to wear your beanie in this style. Take the beanie’s opening and place it about two inches from your hairline but not so far back that it is sliding off. It might be a tricky style to pull off. Put it over your ears to help secure it better, and voila, there you have it!

Conclusion – Choosing the suitable beanie for your face

Personalised beanies are one of the great pieces for your winter wardrobe. But before you head out to purchase one remember that tiny details can make a huge difference as to whether or not this style will be suitable for you.

If you have a square or round face, steer clear of specific designs. Choose a beanie that doesn’t have a turnback cuff. Steer clear of beanies with ribbing and loose styles that can add additional height to your face. It is also critical to wear it slightly back off your face rather than pull it down over your ears.

If your face is long, a beanie would be optimal. You can choose a style with a turnback cuff that could be in a complementary color or have stripe detail. Wear a tight-fitting style that positions snugly on your head to mitigate any more height.

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