What Should You Do When Your Truck Is In An Accident?

Any form of vehicle accident is scary for the owner. While the first questions that come to your mind will be that of the medical condition of the driver and the state of goods in the vehicle, you will have insurance and a lot of other factors to consider as well. This may seem very overwhelming, especially if this is the first time it is happening to you.

The key to surviving such situations is to keep your calm and evaluate things as they happen. To help you through such catastrophes, here are some tips you should follow if your truck meets with an accident.

Direct Your Driver

When your truck driver reports the incident to you, chances are he is too shaken by it and not in the best state of mind. Guide him to turn on the truck’s hazard lights and put cones around the vehicle.

If he is unharmed, ask him to stay at the accident site and arrange for an alternate vehicle from your fleet to reach him as soon as possible. If possible, travel yourself.

Call up the state highway patrol and give them the details collected from your vehicle gps tracker so that they can reach the spot immediately. Direct your driver to request for a copy of the accident report when a police officer files the case. In case your driver is hurt, reach out to 911 with the GPS tracking details.

Even if the truck accident did not involve any major damage to life or property, it is a good practice to reach out to the police and inform them of the same. As a truck owner, under the ideal situation, it should be you who will be making the call to the police. If that is not possible, get your driver to reach out to them.

Document The Accident

Documenting the accident is one of the most critical parts of ensuring that your insurance claims are processed smoothly. If you reach the accident scene, try to photograph the accident from as many angles as possible. If some other vehicle is involved in the crash, try to get pictures of its number plate, registration card, etc.

What Should You Do When Your Truck Is In An Accident
What Should You Do When Your Truck Is In An Accident

Make sure that you have detailed contact information of the other parties involved in the accident. If possible, collect the information of any witnesses as well. In case you are unable to make it to the accident spot on time, get someone from your team to document these details as these will help in supporting your insurance claims.

Seek Medical Help

The high adrenaline flow during an accident (and for a few hours after that) may cause one to ignore his injuries. Moreover, some of these injuries surface only a couple of days after the actual accident. Thus, even if there are no apparent signs of injury, it is a good practice to have a thorough full body check-up following a truck accident.

Encourage your driver (and any other employee involved in the accident) to get themselves medically treated in the local emergency rule. This is important for ruling out the effect of permanent injury to the spinal cord or a closed head injury.

Reach Out To Your Insurance Service Provider

Once you reach the accident scene and have documented the necessary details, try to reach out to your insurance service provider. That way, you can collect any extra information that they need to process claims can be obtained right away.

Tell your insurance service provider the exact details that you remember. If you are unsure of anything, admit it upfront—misstating any fact due to speculation or guesswork will cost you heavily. Also, make sure that the statements of your driver are in tune with what you have to say on the subject.

If you were using Samsara’s GPS tracker for trucks, then that should give you precise details on how the accident took place. Mention the same to your insurance provider for the faster claim processing.

Be Careful With Your Words

When an insured truck meets with an accident, and you have the insurance service provider of the same, an insurance adjuster will contact you for a statement on the incident.

You need to be extremely cautious at this point to avoid making any statement that can be used against you. Be aware of your rights and duties and know that while you must cooperate with insurance service providers, you don’t need to give a statement.

If you want to make an official statement, it is always better to consult your attorney on this. The attorney will guide you on what you can say and things you must abstain from. Such professionals have diverse experience in helping their clients get the best medical help and ensure that they are fully compensated for the accident.

Based on the state of accident, try to find a personal injury attorney who works on the basis of contingency fees. Such people are paid a fraction from the compensation amount recovered. That way, they will have the motivation to regain the maximum possible amount while you do not have a pay a penny if there is no amount recovered.

Maintain A File

When your truck meets with an accident, we understand that you will have a lot on your plate, and it is difficult to keep track of the little things. This makes it important for you to maintain a file for all your accident-related documents.

All receipts of a rental car, toll payments, visiting cards of the other party involved in the accident, name, and contact information of the insurance claim adjuster can be collected here. This will make it easier for you to supply any details that the insurance company may need.

In Closing

The world of business is filled with ups and downs, and a truck accident is a minor hiccup in your path of business success. With these tips, you should be able to sail through the hurdle of a truck accident and avoid letting it take a toll on the stability of your transport business.

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