Colour Trends in Australian Fashion 2021

Clothes contribute a lot to the emotions of a person. Be it summers or the winters, and the retailers stack their places with the latest trends. However, one thing that people consciously give significance to is the colour of clothes. It is said that people prefer colour according to their moods. However, the fact is there, and there has been popularity and choice over the colour of clothing too. For instance, famous brands like Cecilie Copenhagen manufacture their clothes according to the style trends of that time.

Colour Trends in Australian Fashion

There would be a clear theme that featured clothes in some significant colours of that time. The focus would also go into the design and the style but not more than the colours that people are attracted to. This article would give some examples of some of the popular colours that have consistently been in Australian fashion.

Twilight Blue

Blue is a popular colour that has been in Australian fashion for a long time. It resembles the sky, and it is a very peaceful and calming colour. Popular brands like Cecilie Copenhagen bring different types of clothes in this colour, including dresses, shirts, prints, and many more.

Pastel Green

A colour of charm and freshness, pastel green symbolises springtime and is greatly linked to the natural world. It is a colour of class, and the clothes available in this range are vivid. It includes dresses, shorts and even skirts that come in prints of other colour combinations.

Pale Dogwood

It is a peaceful and quiet shade that carries an aura of purity and innocence in it. It has a healthy vibrance that would look perfect on any clothes. The colour is widely popular in Australian fashion, and various dresses, tops and skirts are made of it. They are also made with combinations of pink and white that emphasise the peaceful glow on them.

Sunflower yellow

It is also one of the trendiest summer colours chosen by many in Australia. It resembles two main things that survive and glow in the Australian summer. They are the sun and the flowers. Polka Dots are another fashion trend that is still in fashion. A combination of white polka dots on yellow skirts or dresses of any type is the ultimate fashion statement anybody can shine in.


It is a vibrant colour that can stand out in fashion. The colour symbolises sunshine, happiness and creativity, and anybody can feel good in an orange dress or a shirt. The freshness and vibrancy of the colour can be carried on with confidence in any orange clothes.


It is a colour that resembles good fortunes and wisdom. They are also identical to the changing weathers and emotions of human life. It can be a perfect colour to be worn on holiday in Australia. The time at the Mediterranean with the beaches and the landscape can be so radiant with a dress or even a scarf of that colour. 

Complementary wears

It is always good to wear footwear or a purse of a neutral base. It can make any said colour fall in favour and highlight itself to the surrounding. For instance, a brown leather purse or a shiny black one will work wonders alongside a grey dress. Similarly, another fashion that never goes out of style is a white sneaker with blue jeans and a t-shirt. Moreover, they can be the perfect wear on a moody winter day.

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