11 Crucial Tips to Increase Productivity at Work

In this era where adults are busy working day and night, it would reduce a lot of workloads if they become more productive. Productivity can be enhanced in two ways; either you work for more hours or become more efficient in the given working hour. Which one would you pick? We all know that the answer is the second option!

“Focus on being productive instead of busy.” Increasing your productivity level is not a very difficult task, and it is all about time management. Here in this article, we’ll discuss 11 practical and easy ways to increase your productivity.

Tricks to Improve Productivity at Work

1. Address the Elephant in the Room

“Do the hard jobs first. Easy jobs will take care of themselves.” Start your day with the most robust and essential work on your daily schedule. This is the most crucial step you should take to increase productivity. Now, what if you have multiple major tasks on your list?

In this case, choose that particular task, which is the least interesting, the one which you find the most challenging. This is because, when you start your day, you would be somewhat enthusiastic, and the brain would function in an efficient manner. Hence that work would consume less time to get done.

2. Take Break in Regular Intervals

To work efficiently, our brain needs regular breaks to increase productivity, concentration, creative thinking, and to avoid stress, fatigue, and exhaustion. Breaks refresh your mind that ultimately increases your interest in that specific work, which is stressing you out. Especially jobs, which include problem-solving, require you to stay calm.

Never work more than 90-minutes straight without a break as it will decrease your efficiency. And while taking a break, make sure that you do not use your computer as it is difficult to keep the track if you get too deeply involved in it.

You can take a break to exercise your body, which, in a way, refuel your energy. Change of environment would be the best way to utilize your break. You can take a refreshing walk, can perform yoga, or even go to the gym.

3. One at a Time

Many of you think that productivity at work can be improved by being multitasking. Well, in that case, you are totally mistaken. According to psychology, your efficiency decreases by up to 40% when you are multitasking.

This is because you are not able to focus entirely on any of the tasks that you are performing simultaneously, and that severely affects your productivity. Hence instead of saving time, you end up wasting it. So, it is always better to do one task at a time.

4. Stay Organized

productivity level
productivity level

According to scientists, people having clustered workplaces are less productive than those who stay organized. This is because your mind deviates more often towards unnecessary things, which reduces your productivity level and leaves you frustrated.

So start by setting up a workplace removing all unnecessary things and arranging essential items. To maintain the workplace, organized clean it every day. This will improve your concentration that will ultimately keep you mentally healthy.

5. Two Minute Rule

So what is this “two minutes rule”? The basic idea behind this notion is that you should immediately finish the works that take a short amount of your time. For example, mailing, doing household chores, making a call, or any other task.

This will shorten your to-do-list, which will make you positive and encourage you to stick to your schedule. This will enhance your productivity and hence enables you to get more and more work done by the end of the day.

6. Avoid Unnecessary Meetings

Statistical observation claims that in a month, employees spend 31hours of their working hours in unproductive meetings. We are all aware of this fact, but we still attend those meetings because of compulsion and then complain about it. You should try to avoid those meetings whose objective can be achieved by a phone call, email, or any online meeting.

This saves time and indeed increase your productivity level. If there is an unavoidable meeting, then it should be held as a standing meeting. It has proven to be efficient and have increased the team involvement and performance.

7. Plan for the Next Day

Planning the next day schedule gives you a head start, and you’ll be prepared according to the time slot you allot for the specific task to get done. Now, while doing this, make sure that you keep it realistic. Around 2-4 tasks would be sufficient; otherwise, you’ll lose the will to complete the schedule on time.

Never have an illusion to work perfectly or an over-commitment for your work, and if there is any error, you can rectify it at the end of the day. Keep the schedule which you would be able to complete and try to improve it day by day. This will also help you to be in order, and you can keep track of time using apps like Rescue Time.

You can even reward yourself if you have achieved the target you planned for. This will pump up your motivation to complete the work even before the deadline you have set for it.

8. Get Enough Sleep

productivity tips
productivity tips

Sleep is an essential part of your work life, and your body requires a sleep of 7-9 hours a day to remain active. A sleep-deprived human is more prone to errors and less efficient as his/her body is tired, which eventually decreases the productivity level. Sleeplessness causes anxiety, increases frustration, and deprive your mental health.

Having a proper amount of sleep is vital for both physical and mental development. This will make you active, creative, and efficient in your working hours that will lead to better productivity.

9. Try to Avoid Distractions

By distractions, I mean checking your phone every now and then for the messages to get the social media updates or browsing contents that are irrelevant to your work. This reduces your productivity as your focus is more on your phone than on your work.

I know checking your phone occasionally relieves you, but it should not be very frequent. Plan a specific amount of time to browse your phone and always keep your phone in silent mode while working. This is because the constant sound of notifications distracts you and creates an urge to check your phone.

10. Create the Don’t Do’s

Yeah, you heard me, right! Those activities make it to the don’t do’s, which decreases your productivity. Now, how to list it. Every single day, keep track of your work if you didn’t make it to the schedule decided, then find out the factors which lead to it and put those in your list.

This will help you increase your productivity at work and avoid those activities that provoke you to delay your schedule. These activities do not benefit you in your personal or professional life. This way, you can improve your productivity day by day.

11. Built a Nice Environment Around You

increase productivity
increase productivity

Studies indicate that having a welcoming workplace increases your productivity as it creates a pleasant atmosphere for you. Even listening to music can enhance your performance.

You can arrange for some plants, flowers, or some pictures that remind you of a person who makes you happy. This way, when you take a break, your mind will be refreshed by having a look around you.


These are some productivity tips that will help you to reach your professional goals. Being efficient in your work helps you to keep a proper balance in your personal and professional life. It is not necessary to work from early morning, as everybody has a particular time when they are most productive. These productivity tips are approved by the experts, but if you find some other way more comfortable, feel free to do it.

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