The NFT: Digital Assets that Could Have an End

Non-fungible tokens have caused a sensation, and the financial impact they will bring is transcendental. Many digital artists to date have managed to see results by publishing their works through digital platforms. For more introduction guide on what is a Hard Fork platform

Many ideas are generated based on investments with NFTs, from artists to celebrities, from entertainment and sports betting on crypto assets. The future goes hand in hand with digital currencies, where all daily operations must be carried out digitally, leaving traditional financial operations aside.

Many payments are made through digital currencies, making it clear that they are the leading currencies in virtual transactions. NFTs are property certificates where the author is guaranteed the right of ownership and originality of the creation in the form of digital work backed by the blockchain and smart contracts that characterize Ethereum.

These digital assets cannot be replaced as in the case of cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies. They are irreplaceable and irreplaceable, so when any sale or auction operation of digital works of art is carried out, they cannot be duplicated or falsified.

How do NFTs Work?

NFTs work through the blockchain platform and under the creation of a framework called Internet Square, through which various digital assets can be created and traded in conjunction with Ethereum Smart Contracts. This option opens the doors to a new market that serves as a bridge for all traditional artists, allowing them to exhibit their works without limitation of time and space.

These digital works become an opportunity for many and a decentralized financial tool that allows other cryptocurrency platforms to work together and achieve results that benefit everyone. The ease of transferring resources in digital currency from one decentralized platform to another allows no surcharges to be generated per operation, much less the execution time is slow.

The operability and interrelation between buyers and sellers of digital works of art manage to negotiate through their preferred digital tokens or currencies, which does not represent a limitation since these can be exchanged without any inconvenience.

These digital assets link their value according to the price that the parties establish, thus achieving that they usually acquire even more weight after being sold or auctioned. They can be compared to traditional works of art where a Picasso painting can be worth even millions of dollars.

what are nfts
what are nfts

Fears Arise That NFTs Will Disappear

Many people have recently acquired many NFTs, which does not imply that they may disappear at some point. Yes, although it may sound dangerous since when a digital asset is acquired of this type is often valued at thousands of dollars. The fact is that many people are usually sure that these assets are just as safe as the Blockchain but in a supposed denial of the link where the file that represents thousands of dollars is located.

The platforms currently offering the NFT exhibition do not store the files since they work as if they were traditional art galleries but in a digitized and decentralized way. Because these platforms usually charge a commission for marketing operations, the sale is made directly between the owner and the buyer.

To date, these cases have already occurred where the message that usually appears in the link where the NFT should be stored is “File Not Found Error 404”.The risks can be diverse, either because the platform does not load the NFT or because the NFT does not comply with the policies and regulations for publishing this type of digital file.

It serves as a warning to many NFT buyers and sellers who should store their files safely and not just settle for having the address that links to the said digital asset.


Cryptocurrencies and NFTs, because they are relatively new digital assets, require preparation and knowledge, and in consequence, they use various information technologies where critical data is stored. Investments must be made coherently and intelligently, these assets tend to favour many when generating returns, but inexpert investments can also cause the opposite effect and lead to irreversible losses.

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