Are QR Codes Safe? Examining Security Concerns and Best Practices

Are QR Codes Safe scaled

QR codes have become increasingly prevalent in our digital landscape, offering convenient and efficient ways to access information, make transactions, and interact with various services. However, with the rise in QR code usage, concerns about their safety and potential vulnerabilities have also emerged. In this article, we will explore the safety aspects of QR codes, …

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Crypto as an Asset Class: Industry Expectation

Crypto as an Asset Class

We still live in the financial market, which is more governed by traditional investment options for investors. However, in the recent past, we have seen good growth and connectivity between crypto-based investors and founders who discuss the bridge between traditional finance and digital currency. Crypto wallet is now going great in the market, and there …

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Why Basic Mac Protection Isn’t Enough? | How To Step Up Mac Cybersecurity?

Step Up Mac Cybersecurity

Cyber ​​security – reducing the risk of attacks and increasing protectionThe digital environment has long been our reality, not only in terms of business but also in everyday activities, such as entertainment, shopping, or information. In previous years, the importance of the Internet and digitalization came to the fore, without which it is practically impossible …

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7 Romantic Desserts to Rekindle Your Love

types of desserts

Cakes and desserts have a close association with romance. You must remember getting a special anniversary cake for celebrating your wedding anniversary or that of your friend or any family member. Such is the power of desserts that they make everything more delightful. If you want to spend some quality time with your partner and …

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Make Any Laptop, Touchscreen!!

touchscreen laptop

Hi fellas, Today we are going to tell you about something which you remember as worth knowing for the rest of your life. It is “The way to make any normal laptop touchscreen”. The Root of the Need In this era of touchscreen phones and touchscreen electric inductions, we are going far to use button-operated …

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IIT Professor Bashed Students for NOT Respecting National Anthem, Blunt Media Says its Casteism | Seema Singh

iit kharagpur professor seema singh

According to a recent video, shared repetitively on social media. An IIT Kharagpur professor named Seema Singh found bashing preparatory course students for not standing on National Anthem and saying “Bharat Mata ki Jai” casually from their seats. Preparatory course students are OBC, SC, ST, and PWD category students who missed a seat in IITs …

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Top 30 Best WhatsApp Status of 2021

whatsapp 2453592 1920 1 compressed

Are you a travel enthusiast or a social influencer? Well, you must definitely be using the messaging app Whatsapp. But, are you aware of all its features? Read the full article to know how to use Whatsapp Status effectively. Whatsapp Status In recent times, with the advent of social media platforms, Whatsapp has emerged to …

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