7 Romantic Desserts to Rekindle Your Love

Cakes and desserts have a close association with romance. You must remember getting a special anniversary cake for celebrating your wedding anniversary or that of your friend or any family member. Such is the power of desserts that they make everything more delightful. If you want to spend some quality time with your partner and are wondering what to get on the platter then you must go for something sweet. After all, having a sweet time with our special someone deserves something sweet for the taste buds as well.

7 Romantic Desserts to Rekindle Your Love

Given below is a list of a few romantic desserts that will help you rekindle your love and impress your partner all over again. 


Whether you are celebrating a special occasion or it’s just a casual meet-up with your partner, you can always order something sweet for them. So instead of going for some heavy desserts, you may order cupcakes online as per your convenience. The cupcakes are a sweet substitute for cakes and in that condition, you would surely like To experience the taste of different varieties of cupcakes with their eggless cupcakes, fondant cupcakes, etc. 

Orange souffle

If Sweet dishes are your weakness then the orange souffle is a must-try for you. This soft and airy sweet delight can uplift your mood with its delicious taste. It is called souffle because it is soft and puffy. In fact, the word souffle means puffed in the French language. One of the best ways to have an orange souffle would be to have it frozen or completely chilled in order to derive more pleasure in its taste. 

Chocolate Ricotta mousse

You can make your date extra special by adding the cocoa powder and ricotta cheese-loaded chocolate ricotta mousse in your happy hours. This sweet dish will definitely give a tantalizing taste to your partner. Chocolate ricotta mousse is a quick recipe and is popular among chocolate lovers. You too can bake it on your own or try any different flavor of chocolate cake and avail them to online cake delivery. 

Chocolate covered strawberries

Chocolate covered fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, oranges, pomegranate, dried apricots, etc have made a recent entrance to the market. You can accompany your romantic dates with the goodness of fruits along with chocolates. You can give the strawberries in chocolate and embellish them with additional decorations such as hot chocolate, chocolate chips, dry fruits, coconut, and other toppings in order to make it look extra tempting. 

types of cakes
types of cakes/desserts

Fudgy turtle pie

The fudgy turtle pie is the new trending dessert that is making the news. After all, it has such a delicious and differentiating taste that everybody would like to have a bite of it. The fudgy turtle pie has an amazing combination of chocolates along with caramel and crunchy candies that will steal the heart of your partner on its first bite. You can make it look extra delicious by using some chocolate syrup. 

Heart’s delight pancakes

The pancake must be a popular sweet dessert among all and there would hardly be anyone who would have never tried making a pancake on their own. After all, they are so amazing that people are tempted to eat them and try different varieties of Pancake on their own. You can also experiment with a pancake by customizing it for your partner by trying various flavors that they might like and making it extra special and more romantic. You can get a heart-shaped pancake for your partner. If not then you may order heart-shaped cakes online

Chocolate cake

Although it might sound basic, the fact is that chocolates can never be ignored when talking about sweets and romance. You can try baking chocolate cakes at your home or order chocolate cakes online and surprise your partner along with the delicious chocolate cake and some flowers in the background along with some romantic music. This would set your mood right for your date. 

Get geared up, dim the lights of your room, wear your best clothes, get some wine and sweet desserts for your date and have a nice time with your partner. 

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