Ultimate Guide For Kid’s PUBG Themed Birthday Party

The new sensation of these technologically advanced kids of this generation is the play station and online games. X box has changed and modified a lot and has now turned into game stations. There are varieties of new online games that are becoming popular worldwide. People from different countries, all over the world can connect with each other through these games. SO, these online games are making impacts on the advancement and enhancement of technological global communication. Among all these games, the one that has become a rapid hit and a very quick popular game is the PUBG. The full name of the game is Player from Unknown Battle Ground. And kids from every age have been madly involved in this game. From an age of 10 years, if they have mobile access, to an age of 30 years, this whole span of age group is the main players of this game. As this has been so popular among kids, here are some ideas of how to plan your beloved kid’s birthday party on the theme of PUBG. 


Any party or celebration begins with the draft planning. And after the planning is done, the very first thing to do is to invite the people. It needs to be done keeping a good amount of time in hand as people have their own life and their planning. Now, for your kid’s birthday invitation party, an invitation card of the theme will be great. SO, you can basically start the planning of working out the PUBG party ideas for your kid’s birthday. Other kids will be of great enjoyment if they know what the game is. And for the others, who do not know, it will be very thrilling for them to be present in the party. 

Decoration tips

A party is as dull without the décor just as a food is without salt. So, once the venue, time and date for the party are decided, the next is the invitation list. And then starts the most difficult part of it. The decoration is a very sensitive part of the party. Everything depends on it.  As you have chosen PUBG as the theme, you need to find stuffs that are used in the game VFX. There are characters, themes, modes and many more. You need to know everything of that and place them properly to bring PUBG life to the party. It will be best if you could keep this a secret from your beloved kid. You can buy balloons for online delivery to get the best PUBG themed balloons. 

Birthday Party Cake Ideas

Birthday is all about cakes and celebrations. And as it is a theme birthday party, the birthday cake of the same theme will bring the best essence to the party. There are varieties of online shops which take orders for customized cakes. All you need is to inform them about the flavor, design, and the topping of the cake you want, according to the PUBG birthday theme. They will take the best care of the rest. 

Birthday Gifting Suggestions

It would be a little difficult to get everything in the birthday party PUBG based. But if you can arrange, then it would be just amazing. We are very much thankful to our beloveds who make time from their busy schedule and attend this party. So, there has to be a thank you gift. And it would be best if we can arrange the birthday gifting suggestion on this theme. For that, you need to find toys of characters related to the game PUBG and wrappers of PUBG print. It might be a little difficult to find but you can find anything and everything online. So, if needed, send birthday gifts online.

Food & Entertainment

One of the other essentials of party is the food. As people are coming to spend some good time, you need to keep some solid entertainment plans as well. If different page group are attending the party, the games should be according to the age groups, but most special for the kids’ ones. And the food should have varieties as kids love to taste different flavors and cuisines.

PUBG is the new young generation sensation. SO, arranging a birthday party on this theme according to the above ideas will take your PUBG lover kid on cloud 9 on his/her special occasion. Such an arrangement will be trending and unique to celebrate birthday for your kid.

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