11 Best Geofencing Apps That Really Work For Parents

GPS is a powerful tool that every Android user owns in their device, and hence, GPS tracking applications have captured fair popularity. From detecting the location, vehicle, or a person, to navigating around the strange zones, smartphone location tracking tool can make it all possible.

However, it may be quite daunting to pick the best Geofencing Android apps when one has lots of options. But, don’t worry, we have made the selection easier for you. We bring you the 11 best-rated location tracker that are available in the market. Let’s begin.

11 Best Geofencing Apps That Really Work for Parents

1.GPS by Bit Guardian Parental Control:

Bit Guardian Parental Control is a software that enables parents to keep a close watch on kid’s digital tasks. This software is useful in restricting and monitoring kids’ online movements effectively.

It provides eminent features to help both parents and kids on the digital platform. One of the tools of this application is GPS that benefits parents in locating the child immediately.

  • Geofence: Setting the center location helps parents in checking if kids have reached the safe zone. It will notify you of the entry and exit points of your child from Geofencing boundary.

Additionally, you can also fix the radius limit to confirm that your teen has entered the secured zone.

  • Speed Limit: When a teen gets a license, parents can keep a close eye on their driving behavior and pace. If they increase the predefined speed limit, this app will send the notification on the parents’ phone.

One can easily teach driving etiquette and road safety to kids using this tool.

Moreover, Bit Guardian also offers unique functions to protect children from various issues like:

  • Unforeseen situations using Panic and SOS Alert
  • Mitigating device screen time with App Time Limit and Time Schedule
  • Blocking objectionable content and spam callers using App and Call Blockers.
  • Finding the missing gadget with Anti-Theft tool and much more.

2. Highster Mobile:

  • It is a smartphone tracking app known for its stealth camera, eavesdropping, and call recording features.
  • It supports the basic spying characteristics like monitoring IMs, call logs, text messages, emails, media files, and GPS tracking. Highster Mobile works on a covert mode.
  • Stealth camera can make videos and take pictures of the surroundings and can view them online.
  • However, the critical tools of parental controls like app blocking, uninstalling apps, etc. are missing in this software.

3. AppMia:

  • AppMia has the ability to monitor two different devices at a time.
  • It can cater to all basic monitoring requirements that include text and call checking, location detection, and access to address book and calendar.
  • This software remains hidden on the device.
  • Despite fulfilling the necessary requirements, it does not provide any blocking or data wiping features. Additionally, it is also an expensive application.

4. MobileSpyAgent:

  • It is a simple software with common scrutinizing features.
  • It enables parents to access text messages, view videos, photos, call history, and track the location.
  • It provides device information like browser history, installed apps, calendars, notes, memory usage, IMEI, etc.
  • This application lacks social media monitoring, app blocking, and keylogging features.
  • It only works on jailbroken or rooted devices.
Geofencing Apps
Geofencing Apps

5. PhoneSheriff:

  • Parents can keep tabs on a child’s mobile or tablet with PhoneSheriff.
  • Along with the regular functionalities like viewing photos, setting alerts, SMS, call and GPS tracking, etc., it also offers websites and apps filtering, time restricting, Geofencing, phone locking, etc.
  • This software is useful to record the surroundings and take the camera snapshot remotely.
  • Although PhoneSheriff provides web block filters, its procedure is cumbersome, and you miss a lot of filters if you are not tech-savvy.
  • Parents may face difficulty in installation as it is a slightly complicated activity.
  • It is inefficient in monitoring all social media accounts because it only covers Facebook, Snapchat, Kik, Whatsapp, and Line.
  • This application cannot remain hidden as it notifies children before its installation on their device.

6. iSpyoo:

  • This kid safety app secures children from online hazards. Since it is a surveillance app, it becomes entirely invisible.
  • A few features of this software includes reading text messages, recording calls, viewing call logs, location tracking, emails, IM chats, and browsing history.
  • Parents can monitor 3 different gadgets with a single account.
  • This software allows scrutinizing videos on SKype and Viber too.
  • However, to use iSpyoo, your device needs to be rooted or jailbroken.
  • Users have experienced that customer support is not reliable. They don’t reply to any emails, nor do they provide support on live chats.

7. MobiStealth:

  • This Geofencing Android app offers different features to view text messages, examine chat messenger, pictures, emails, call recording, Gmail logging, web browsing, find the location, and application list.
  • It supports both gadgets – computers, and smartphones. Kids online activities can effectively be watched on PC with its continuous monitoring system.
  • Despite offering a broad range of features, it lacks the basic tools of contact and website blocking.
  • Customer complaints have been observed regarding this app installation.

8. TheTruthSpy:

  • This location tracking software exclusively focuses on detecting the whereabouts of kids.
  • It is reliable and easy to use software.
  • GPS tracker trails the real-time location of your child
  • This software provides voice and lives call recording
  • It provides a few device monitoring activities.

9. GPS Phone Tracker:

11 Best Geofencing Apps that Really Work for Parents
11 Best Geofencing Apps that Really Work for Parents
  • This child tracker app provides real-time and accurate results.
  • It can follow multiple children and confirm their whereabouts.
  • It uses satellite or street maps.
  • GPS phone tracker also helps to find friends or family members.
  • This software shows the travel history (in hours)
  • It helps to recover the missing phone.

10. Where’s My Droid:

  • This location tracking app for parents focuses on varied characteristics to control and restrict child’s tasks like:
  • Tracking the kid’s device even when it is switched off or out of coverage
  • It remotely locks the smartphone.
  • It offers features like Geofencing, GPS flare, etc.
  • Sends a notification to parents if the SIM card is switched
  • It captures the image of an intruder who failed numerous attempts to unlock the phone.
  • Erases the entire data from its web-based dashboard

11. MapQuest:

  • It navigates the required destinations quickly
  • One of the most important traits of this software is it automatically reroutes the pavement to clear the traffic.
  • It provides access to on-demand roadside support
  • This app chooses the short routes to reach the destination without delay.
  • It has turn-by-turn voice direction guide.
  • MapQuest also orders food from restaurants and helps in booking reservations.

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GPS tracker for Android device is considered as one of the daily digital essentials for navigating child’s whereabouts and setting their safe virtual boundaries.

However, Parents appreciate the convenient usage of interactive mobile apps that establish a connection with children. So now, it’s time to pick the best child locating the app.

Go ahead and download the most suitable software from the list above. However, the most recommended are parental controls as they cover all digital safety for kids along with Geofencing abilities.

Lend your choice on Bit Guardian Parental Control application.


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