Download Kaali 2 in HD for FREE

Download Kaali 2

The never-ending lockdown has seen more and more people turn to online streaming platforms. The modern era has seen more and more television shows and web series with women idols and icons. Kaali 2 is one such show which showcases the hidden strength of a woman. Read the article to know more about how you …

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Download Choked in HD for FREE

Download Choked

Opportunities don’t present themselves to us every day and we should value them. But should every opportunity be grabbed with both hands? Choked: Paisa Bolta Hai is a brand new Hindi movie streaming on Netflix which came out on June 5. Directed by the famous Anurag Kashyap, Choked takes you on a path of mystery …

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Download Gulabo Sitabo in HD for FREE

Download Gulabo Sitabo in HD

2020 has been a depressing year with two cyclones, a global pandemic halting lives and then a locust attack. We all could use some laughter in our lives. Well, Amazon Prime Video released a brand new comedy film on June 12 starring Bollywood’s biggest stars. Gulabo Sitabo is a family comedy-drama which has been made …

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Download The Order Season 2 for Free

Download The Order

Gone are the days when people used to wait for 7 days to watch the new episode of their favourite TV show. In the 21st century, Television has been taken over by Netflix and Amazon Prime Video completely. More and more people have stopped using cable services and switched to these online streaming services because …

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Download Artemis Fowl in HD for FREE

Download Artemis Fowl

The best time of our lives was our childhood. Don’t we wish sometimes to return to our childhood days and relive them? Getting lost in fantasy worlds of books like Harry Potter and Artemis Fowl. Well, hold onto your seats because Walt Disney pictures brought out a movie adaptation of the wonderful world of Artemis …

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Download The Old Guard in HD for FREE

download The Old Guard

“Forever is harder than it looks”.Since time immemorial, humans have rushed behind the secret to immortality. With myths like the Illuminati and Fountain of youth getting famous, it also led to an increase in immortal heroes in epics. The Old Guard is one such exciting film streaming on Netflix since July 10. It has been …

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