Download The Woods(2020) in HD for FREE

Gone are the days when people used to watch movies in theatres and wait for a brand new episode of their favourite TV shows to release every week. In the 21st century, online streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video have quickly taken over the market and now a world without Netflix seems unimaginable. One fabulous mystery thriller streaming now on Netflix is Harlan Coben’s The Woods which premiered on the premium streaming platform on June 12. Read on to know how you can watch The Woods online or download The Woods in HD for Free.

Download The Woods in HD for Free

Adapted from Harlan Coben’s novel of the same name, The Woods is an exciting murder mystery which follows the tale of prosecutor Paul Copeland as he searches for his sister whom he had presumed dead 25 years ago. The mini television series is only 6 episodes long and one can easily binge it in one sitting. Harlan Coben’s other crime novels which were adapted by Netflix also gained success such as Safe and The Stranger. The Woods had gained mass popularity, even before its release due to the exciting trailer which had everyone’s adrenaline rushing. Let’s have a look at it.

The cast of The Woods includes Polish actors Wiktor Debski, Pawel Gabor, Marcin Lipski and Elzbieta Nagel. Leszek Dawid, the director behind this masterpiece told the media “The Woods is a story full of secrets – a story you will want to follow. Try as hard as you might, to bury unresolved issues from the past, but one day they will find their way back to you anyway.” With the beautiful cinematography and the gripping plot, The Woods will have you hooked to it.

Set in the backdrop of 1994 and a Polish summer camp in the woods, Paul Copeland experiences strange occurrences as his sister along with 3 other campmates disappears. Later, 2 bodies are found in the forest and Paul fearfully assumes that the same fate has occurred upon his sister. 25 years later and he is still struggling to forget that incident when he has a chance encounter with a boy who had supposedly disappeared with his sister. That opens the case wide open and forms the basic plot of The Woods.

Follow Paul as he unravels dark secrets about his ancestors on the journey to search for his sister. The screenplay, the serenity and the pumping action scenes make the audience crave for more and to get to the bottom of the mystery quickly. The twists are unimaginable and fantastic. But how to watch The Woods online or download The Woods for free if you don’t have Netflix? Read the article to find out some methods to download The Woods in HD.

download The Woods in HD
download The Woods in HD

How to Download The Woods in HD for Free?

Since its release on June 12, The Woods has already been leaked by illegal torrent websites like TamilGun, Tamilrocker, 123movies, fzmovies, Pirate Bay, filmyzilla and Filmywap. However, we at TalkJarvis advise you not to use these illegal websites to watch or download your favorite shows and movies as you can face some serious repercussions. Posting original copyrighted content online for free is piracy and it is illegal. Instead, you can use the below-mentioned methods to watch The Woods online or download The Woods in HD for free.

The Woods is available legally only on Netflix. So, we will be informing you of ways you can get a free Netflix subscription. Once you get the Netflix subscription, you can search for your favorite shows, select your preferred resolution and click on the down arrow button below the episode to download it.

Free Trial Offer By Netflix:

Netflix offers a one month free trial for all its new users. Well, it is not completely free. New users have to signup using their email ID and then choose one of the four subscription plans offered by Netflix( Mobile plan, Basic plan, Standard Plan, Premium Plan). After choosing their plan, they can begin their free month trial by depositing Rs.5. Then you can watch your favorite shows and movies online. Be sure to cancel the trial before the month ends to not incur losses.

Offer for Vodafone Users:

Vodafone subscribers can now rejoice as they can avail 1-year free subscription to Netflix. This offer is open for all Rs.999 REDX postpaid customers. To avail the offer, go to the Vodafone app and activate the offer. Then you can go on Netflix, navigate to your favorite show or movie, and watch it online or download it.

We hope that the above article helped you in watching The Woods online or downloading The Woods in HD for free.


TalkJarvis is neither a promoter nor a supporter of piracy. Piracy is a major felony according to the Indian Constitution under the Digital Copyright Act of 1957. The above article has been written to warn users about the possible repercussions they could face for accessing illegal torrent websites. It also informs users about the legal alternatives available in the market.

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