Gogoanime 2022: Download Animes in Full HD for FREE

Many times, we need a break from our monotonous routines and drab life. COVID-19 has halted our lives and being stuck at home has its own toll on our mental health. While series and movies from all genres manage to give us a thrill for a few hours, it somehow feels lacking in some departments. Well, here’s a solution. You can watch Japanese anime. Read on to know more about anime and how you can view and download some interesting anime from the gogoanime website. You can find almost all genres of anime on Gogoanime.

Gogoanime 2022

Many people consider anime paltry and often look down upon anime viewers. Well, they are highly mistaken. Not only is anime creatively drafted, many times it takes much more effort to make an anime series as compared to a normal English web series. Anime offers a wider scope of imagination, creativity and tickles the weirdness in everyone’s personality. Animes like One Punch Man and Gintama can make you roll on the floor in laughter, other shows like Death Note and Psycho-Pass are mystery thrillers with plot twists greater than those found in Stephen King’s novels.

Animes like Haikyuu and Kuroko No Basuke can get you hooked on sports and series like Tokyo Ghoul and Attack on Titan while gory, are as interesting to watch as Tarantino’s movies. Japanese anime is enthralling and fun to watch.

Gogoanime is the best high-quality online streaming website which has a vast collection of Japanese anime series as well as movies. The website is supported in all web browsers which support HTML 5. It is updated every day with the latest anime. The gogoanime website has English dubbed as well as English subbed anime so that people who are entering into the wonderful world of anime can watch it as well as experienced folks who have been watching anime for quite some while now. The gogoanime website is very user-friendly and stylish. You can choose from the multiple tabs offered by the website and search for anime according to genre, season, popularity, latest additions as well as whether the anime is ongoing or has already been completed.

gogoanime website
gogoanime website

Gogoanime has been the go-to website for otakus for a lot of time. One of the main reasons is its efficient listing methodology. It hosts all the popular animes like Dragon Ball Z, Death Note, Tokyo Ghoul, Attack on Titan(Shingeki No Kyojin), One Piece, Naruto and My Hero Academia to name a few. Millions of users flock to this website every year to find interesting anime series. The gogoanime website is also very quick and all the latest episodes of ongoing anime as well as existing anime can be found here such as Dorohedoro, Mermaid Forest, Kami no Tou and Balance: Unlimited. Animated movies like Kimi No Nawa and Weathering with You which are award winners can also be found here.

Apart from anime, the gogoanime website also has a collection of mangas also to view online. Mangas are Japanese monochrome comic books which are sometimes published in weekly magazines. Manga authors are called mangakas. You will be surprised how even a black and white comic can make your colourful world topsy-turvy and have you pondering about the existence of the world long after exiting the website. You can even contact gogoanime for any queries you might have. They are quick to respond and happy to help the customer at all times.

Safety of Gogoanime

There have been several speculations over the legality of gogoanime. And the answer is even more confusing. While the site is legal and safe, its streaming the latest HD content is not. The gogoanime website is excellent in user privacy but it is violating intellectual property rights. The website provides you with the latest anime in High Definition for absolutely Free. Along with the website, gogoanime is available now on your smartphone in the form of an application. The gogoanime app is easy to use and occupies very less space on your phone. Users can also post reviews on the app, thus advising other viewers about what to expect. You will find both positive and negative reviews and in the end, you have to decide whether the anime is worth your time or not. Not all people have similar preferences.
You might be wondering about the legal alternatives available in the market. Here are some legal paid anime streaming services:-

  1. Crunchyroll
  2. Hulu
  3. Netflix
  4. Crackle
  5. Amazon Prime Video
  6. Tubi TV
  7. Funimation
  8. Daisuki
  9. Toonami
  10. HIDIVE

Due to the popularity and the gogoanime website streaming free online anime series and movies in HD which amounts to piracy in several countries, it has been banned in places. Here are some alternatives you can use to enjoy watching free anime shows.

  • Kissanime
  • Animeland
  • AnimeUltima
  • 9Anime
  • Chia-Anime
  • AnimePlanet
  • AnimeFrenzy
  • Nyaa Torrents
  • Animelab
  • Animeheaven
  • WatchAnimeMovie
  • Babyanime
  • Anilinkz
  • NarutoGet
  • Manga-Anime-Here
  • Anime Season
  • Youtube

How to Access Gogoanime Securely?

Although the gogoanime website is secure and takes up very less RAM space when you use it, precaution is always better than cure. Very few ads on the website promote phishing and ask you to install the Flash player. However, it is advisable to invest in a VPN to avoid getting into trouble. A VPN(Virtual Private Network) serves to secure the internet network vis-a-vis encryption and ensures that the data cannot be intercepted easily. Select users who use a VPN can access these hidden networks. This helps in transferring data through a remote network between the user and a private network. Read on to know about how to use a few good VPNs.

  1. IPVanish

    IPVanish is a VPN which provides one of the fastest download speeds. It has more than 1300 servers and offers its users a choice of more than 75 different locations. It can support 10 devices at a time and has been termed as the best VPN for people living in India. IPVanish provides a highly secure network with PPTP and L2TP/IP protocols. They are always available to help their customers with any potential problems they may face. Despite the high cost of a subscription, people prefer to use IPVanish due to its user-friendly software and highly secure connection. It’s available for $58.49 for a year or you also have the option to try it for three months for $20.24.

    You can also try it for a month at the nominal cost of $7.50 only. IPVanish also provides a 30-day money-back guarantee to its users. You can use this VPN to access websites like gogoanime, kissanime, pirate bay, 123movies, etc and stream or download your favourite shows or movies in HD.

  2. SaferVPN

    Touted as the most affordable VPN, Safer VPN  is one of the best VPNs to use to access your network securely. With 700 servers and more than 30 separate locations to choose from, SaferVPN is the VPN you should go for if you want to save up on money. SaferVPN comprises of user-friendly native apps for all the major operating systems like Windows, Android, iOS and Mac.

    It supports all types of security protocols such as L2TP, OpenVPN, IKEv2 and PPTP. The fascinating thing about SaferVPN is that you try it out before committing as they offer a 24-hour all-access free trial. SaferVPN is always ready to help its customers. The subscription plans are as follows:
    $78.96 for 2 years, $65.88 for 1 year and only $10.99 for 1 month.

  3. Express VPN

    With servers located in Mumbai and Chennai, Express VPN is an excellent choice for Indians. It has excellent coverage with more than three thousand servers and 160 different locations to choose from. It can support 5 devices at a time which covers your laptop, home computer, mobile phone, I-pad and TV. There’s a variety of easy clients to use for all major platforms. The iOS and Android apps are well-designed and offer a wide range of helpful features.

    Around-the-clock customer support is available for all the problems one may face. Although there’s no free trial, Express VPN does offer a 30-day money-back guarantee to all first-time users. Express VPN is very secure and follows the OpenVPN, SSTP, PPTP and L2TP-IPsec protocols.  The different packages they offer are $99.95 for a year with three months free, $59.95 for 6 months and $12.95 for a month. It may seem a bit pricey but the network speeds and security are off the charts. Use Express VPN to watch the latest shows and anime from gogoanime, kissanime, etc.

  4. Tiger VPN

    gogoanime app
    gogoanime app

    Much like its name, Tiger VPN provides one of the fastest networks available in India. It has more than three thousand servers and can support 5 devices simultaneously. Based out of Slovakia, Tiger VPN offers more than 60 unique locations to connect to your network with. The software is very very easy to use and learn and basic.

    It supports all the necessary security protocols like Open VPN, IPSec L2TP, P2P and PPTP. TigerVPN ensures that no records of their user’s internet activity logs are kept. They are also readily available to help their customers via email, chat or even contact directly. They even offer a three-day demo trial so that you can check the VPN before actually committing to it. Here are the various subscription plans available for users:-
    $99 for three years, $79.99 for a year and $11.99 for a month.
    Install Tiger VPN and access your favourite shows and web series and movies at lightning-fast speeds from websites like gogoanime, kissanime and fzmovies.

Alternative Domain Names of Gogoanime Website

Gogoanime is hosted on several domains. These are proxy websites which basically exist to redirect the user and protect the original website from being banned. These alternative domains help the website to remain active and millions of users can access the vast library of wonderful anime available. Some of the alternative domain names which users can use to visit gogoanime are given below.

  • ww1.gogoanime.io
  • www12.gogoanime.io
  • www6.gogoanime.io
  • www5.gogoanime.io
  • www16.gogoanime.io
  • ww5.gogoanime.io
  • www9.gogoanime.io
  • www10.gogoanime.io
  • www7.gogoanime.io
  • www2.gogoanime.io
  • ww4.gogoanime.io
  • ww6.gogoanimehub.tv
  • www.gogoanime.pro


According to the Indian constitution, piracy is a crime under the Digital Copyright Act of 1957. TalkJarvis does not aim to promote or assist piracy. The above article has been written with the intention of informing the general public about torrent websites and the serious repercussions it holds. Many countries have strict cyber laws and one can be jailed or fined heavily for using illegal websites to download or stream original web series in HD for free. The article also educates the general public about the legal alternatives available in the market.

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h4″ question-0=”What is gogoanime?” answer-0=”Gogoanime is a user-friendly, high-quality anime streaming website with a vast library of anime which is updated every day. Read the article to find out how to visit the website and what all content is available.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h4″ question-1=”Is it safe to use gogoanime?” answer-1=”Gogoanime is a website which lets its users watch the latest anime shows and movies in HD for Free. This is a form of piracy and it can be dangerous to browse the website before taking the necessary precautions. Read the article to know how you can prevent your network from getting sabotaged and avoiding viruses which can creep in.” image-1=”” headline-2=”h4″ question-2=”Is the gogoanime website legal?” answer-2=”While there have been many controversies surrounding the legality of the gogoanime website, the answer would be yes. However, gogoanime promotes piracy despite being legal and has been banned in several countries many times. Many websites with alternative domains have also popped up to prevent tracking of the original website. You can have a look at the alternative domain names in the article.” image-2=”” headline-3=”h4″ question-3=”What is the net worth of gogoanime?” answer-3=”Gogoanime is a popular anime streaming website which hosts almost a million users every year. The anime watching community grows every minute and the website is still growing as it is relatively young. The net worth of gogoanime would be approximately $50,000. Read the article to find out more about this amazing website.” image-3=”” headline-4=”h4″ question-4=”What are the different genres of anime available on the gogoanime website?” answer-4=”The gogoanime website is very sleek and user friendly. You can view the anime in both English subbed as well as English dubbed formats. English subtitles are provided for comfortable viewing. The site has all types of genres available and is very efficient as the animes have been demarcated in different types of categories. Read the article to find out more about gogoanime.” image-4=”” count=”5″ html=”true” css_class=””]

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