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2020 has been a very scary year. With the Amazon rainforests catching fire followed by a global pandemic which has killed more than a million people around the world along with locking us up inside our homes. It can easily take a heavy toll on our minds. We need to take breaks and give our minds a rest by watching and TV shows online from Netflix and Hotstar. One new recently released movie on Netflix is Bulbbul. You can Bulbbul by reading the article to the end as we will be informing you of some tricks by which you can get a Netflix subscription for free. Then you can download Bulbbul from your home for free.

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Bulbbul is an eerie movie which has gained much attention from its audiences due to its unique story and plotline. Bulbbul released on 24th June on Netflix for its users to watch Bulbbul online and download Bulbbul from Netflix. The trailer dropped in the first week of June and sets the backdrop of a film. It received a great response from the audience. A fair warning to all who dislike gore and spooky movies because Bulbbul will make you cold till the bone. Have a glimpse at the movie via the following Netflix trailer.

Bulbbul is a horror-mystery film taken from a popular Bengali fable. Naturally, it is set in the earlier days of Bengal. The film follows the journey of a young girl, Bulbbul as she grows and turns from a sweet, kind girl into a strong, woman. The scary parts come in when we learn about an impending doom on the girl cast by a chudail(demon). Safe to say, Bulbbul takes its viewers back in times where murders occurred and people believed in the magic of gods and demons. You will be scared to watch more but at the same time, your adrenalin will be rushing to know the truth.

Bulbbul has an amazing cast which majorly owes to its success. It has Rahul Bose, Tripti Dimri, Avinash Tiwary, Paoli Dam and Parambrata Chattopadhyaya in pivotal roles. This is the next successful production of famed actress Anushka Sharma after Paatal Lok which had released in April 2020. Bulbbul has been directed by Anvita Dutt which speaks volumes of her filmmaking skills and mind.

download Bulbbul for free
download Bulbbul for free

As we watch the trailer, we realize Bulbbul is not just a fable but also a mirror into our social beliefs and values. The cinematography is stunning with scenes shot in complete red freaking us out more. Bulbbul is a must-watch for all cinema lovers as it really tells us how we have progressed cinematically. You must be wondering from where you can download Bulbbul for free. Read on to find out more about how you can Download Bulbbul in HD.

Download Bulbbul in HD for free?

Bulbbul is an excellent horror film on Netflix produced by Anushka Sharma. Due to its huge success, torrent websites like Putlocker, fzmovies, Tamilgun, 123movies, Pirate Bay and filmyzilla picked up and broadcasted it on their multiple domains which allowed people to download Bulbbul for free. However, downloading from such websites is not safe at all as sites contain malicious viruses. One can even be arrested for using such websites and it can be dangerous. Instead, read on to know how you can download Bulbbul in HD for free.

Bulbbul is available legally only on Netflix. Therefore, we will be telling you a few tricks you can use to get a . Once you get a Netflix subscription, you have to click on the downward pointing arrow to download Bulbbul for free.

Netflix Free Trial Offer

Netflix offers a one-month long free trial to all its new users. All you have to do is signup using your email and credit card details, pay a small amount of Rs.2 and then you can begin your free trial. Remember to cancel the free trial before the month ends so that you don't incur losses. Now you can download Bulbbu for free. Well, almost free.

Offer for Vodafone Customers

Vodafone has rolled out a unique offer in collaboration with Netflix. Now, all the RedX postpaid customers of Vodafone who have subscribed to the Rs.999 plan or above can enjoy a year-long free subscription of Netflix. Now you can watch all your favourite shows and movies online. You can even download Bulbbul for free.

Piracy is a major offence according to the Indian Constitution. abhors piracy and has no intention of supporting it or promoting it. The above article about Bulbbul has been written to inform the public about this new movie and the ways in which they can download this movie for free legally. Talkjarvis also informs its users about the seriousness of piracy and pirate websites and warns users of the repercussions they can face by using such websites.

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