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Kshitij(KTJ) | The Annual Techno-Management Fest of IIT Kharagpur

The Charm of IIT Kharagpur | Tech-Fest of IIT Kharagpur | Kshitij(KTJ)

Kshitij also called KTJ, is the annual techno-management festival of one of India’s premier technical institutions, IIT Kharagpur. Started in 2004, Kshitij was conceived with the aim to provide the technically inclined youth a national-level platform, where their talent and expertise would be recognized and rewarded. Having developed exponentially since its early years, Kshitij gets an overpowering response from the student and education community everywhere throughout the world. The official site of Kshitij, ktj.in, is the biggest student-run site, getting 8 million hits/clicks in its 2019 release.

While the rivalries at Kshitij end up being a definitive trial of coarseness, information, and aptitude, the addresses by guests and workshops give an improving knowledge to the enthusiastic students. The fest has been graced by the nearness of such illuminating presences who are gazed upward to for their recognized commitment in their individual fields. Recently their sixteenth release had been held from 19th to 21st January 2019. with an all-over interest of more than 70,000 students and a total of INR 45 lacs offered as prize money. The Seventeenth release of Kshitij is scheduled from 18 to 20 January 2020.

KSHITIJ arranges a wide scope of occasions including each kind of innovation and the executives with the mean to implant a logical and balanced personality in the youthful minds. World-prestigious associations like ACM, IEEE, ASME, ASHRAE, and IMechE ensure various occasions of the fest. To address issues tormenting our general public, Kshitij attempts social activities in relationship with the principal NGOs of the country. Workshops are directed everywhere throughout the nation to enable the members to pick up hands-on understanding and upgrade their specialized abilities. Kshitij additionally arranges workshops, visitor addresses, displays, and mega shows.



The Growth of Kshitij (ktj)

The lunch release of this techno-executives symposium was in the year 2004 when it was named ‘Ideon’. The fest had got the interest of around 260 students from outside IIT Kharagpur. The cooperation has since developed exponentially, and it has now turned into Asia’s biggest fest of its sort.

The fourteenth release of Kshitij was held from 27 to 29 January 2017. This period of Kshitij had visitors instructors from every one of the fields, from chief Mr. Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra, Brigadier Stephen Tetlow to ISRO space researcher Dr. K.Radhakrishnan. For the sake of entertainment, Kshitij 2017 had different casual occasions like the Bull ride, Water Zorbing, Drone recreation, and Bahubali VR. Kshitij 2017 experienced Infinity Mirror Clock from the USA, Robyn Inmoon from Sweden, 3D printed robots from the USA, Molecular VR structure the UK, U Gears Mechanical Models from Ukraine and indeo from India in its displays.

Workshops from tech goliaths like Toyota, Oracle, LIGO were directed for this present year. PRAKRITI and ASTITVA were 2 of the social activities taken for the current year by Kshitij. PRAKRITI was tied in with dealing with the expanding strong waste and ASTITVA was for helping understudies handle mental despondency which was presented by Indian on-screen character Tisca Chopra.

Composed from 19 to 21 January 2018, the fifteenth period of Kshitij experienced workshops from Philips, Microsoft, Nvidia, Worldquant, Google Developers Group, IBM, Prana Studios, HPE, Intel, Mahindra And Mahindra, KLA Tenor and Asteria Aerospace on the themes like Animation and Visual impacts, Silicon to semiconductor, IOT, Quant Finance.


Among the visitors, that includes director of motion pictures like Highway, Rockstar, Jab We Met “Mr. Imtiaz Ali“, Indian stand-up comedian, writer, presenter and actor “Mr. Zakir Khan“,  Former head of DRDO Mr. Vasudev Kalkunte Aatre, previous representative executive of Investigation Bureau Mr. Dhanushkodi Sivanandhan, Mathematician and Computer Scientist Dr. Janos Pach, Director of change.org Ms. Nida Hasan and Stockholm Water Prize victor Dr. Rajendra Singh. For entertainment only, this season had Standup parody by Anirban Dasgupta and Karunesh Talwar, Nalayak band, EDM by DJ Sartek and Sara Santini and another gaming occasion Krypton was begun for this present year in which groups played different PC recreations. This is it has been sorted out between 18 to 20 Jan. The occasions should be extraordinary however it neglects to confront it’s as of now quite low guidelines.

Capital Events of Kshitij (ktj)

  • Laws of Motion: This flying machine structure occasion confirmed by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers IMechE is a standout amongst the most celebrated occasions of Kshitij, which gets interests from Students everywhere throughout the nation
  • Eureka: An IEEE confirmed specialized paper introduction competition
  • Overnite: The ACM ICPC multi-commonplace programming challenge is guaranteed by ACM, the world’s biggest and most renowned logical and instructive processing society
  • Embetronix: It is an inserted hardware circuit plan rivalry spread more than two rounds
  • Nightshift: An adjustment of the well known Discovery Channel appear, Junkyard Wars, this occasion is additionally ensured by IMechE
  • Clash of Brains: Game Theory based occasion, arranges by The KGPian Game Theory Society (IIT Kharagpur section of The Indian Game Theory Society)
  • Relic Hunter: An online treasure hunting game requiring analytical skills to solve tricky questions to get to the next clues in the ultimate quest for treasure. Based on Harry Potter
  • Code-O-Soccer: A simulation-based strategic coding event which provides you with a perfect platform to solve a strategy based creative problem using your coding and strategic
  • Sand Rover: Participants had an opportunity to build up an all-terrain bot and show their technical
    skills, where the wheels are bound to surf over uneven contours with minimum spillage
    of sand in sandrover. In this participant have to discharge their bots through challenging
    Obstacles pushing it to extreme limits while the clock ticks

Robotix Events

There is a  genre type called Robotix, which has numerous occasions dependent on novice apply autonomy. The occasions for Kshitij 2018 were:

  • Robowars: Build a robot and inspire it in the field to battle and win from different robots
  • Zenith: It is post-war time and the place is all in shambles, with rubble and trenches all over the place. You are asked to design the prototype of a bot that is capable of clearing all these hurdles and reaching the zenith.
  • Crusade: To build an image processing robot that is capable of traversing in a lane while detecting glowing LEDs on its way and deciding its path according to the frequencies of the blinking LEDs
  • Cubiscan: The labyrinth to the National Treasure ain’t easy, and definitely beyond our scope because it’s entrapped in debris. Furthermore, the gate to the treasure is opened only by knowing the correct volume of blocks of specific physical characteristics, which perhaps shows skilled ancient architecture. We need to build up a bot on which this engulfing task can be assigned
  • Fortress: Build a picture handling robot that can perceive valuable examples by example acknowledgment while evading different hindrances
  • Poles apart: Build a physically controlled robot, which is fit for picking and putting obstructs with exactness and changing its interaxial separation to make a guide through a progression of obstacles
  • Stax: To assemble a bot which adjusts squares of various hues while moving over the stacks utilizing line following.

Participants can use Microcontrollers like  Arduino,  Raspberry pie, etc to control their bots as per rules of the event.

Not only this much more new events are introduced every year too.

Certification of Kshitij(ktj)

A significant number of the Events in Kshitij 2018 have accreditations from associations and foundations. These are:

Organization of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

  • The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is the world’s biggest expert affiliation devoted to progressing mechanical development and greatness. IEEE ensures the occasion Eureka in Kshitij.

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

  •  ACM, the world’s biggest and most seasoned logical and instructive figuring society, which creates assets that advance processing as a science and calling, ensures Overnite ACM ICPC Multi-Provincial Programming Contest. The general public fills in as the participation of registering experts and understudies in numerous nations in every aspect of the industry, the scholarly community, and government.

American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

  •  ASME, an expert body known for setting codes and benchmarks for mechanical gadgets, ensures the Kshitij occasion ASME Student Design Competition. Through this occasion, ASME gives a stage to sprouting technocrats to contact the skylines in the field of mechanical structure and keen mechanization.

The foundation of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE)

  •  The Institution of Mechanical Engineers ensures the occasions Laws of Motion and Nightshift. The relationship of IMechE with these occasions goes for improving the world through designing and supporting new abilities, helping them construct their professions and take on the difficulties that, when explained, will have any kind of effect to all.

Workshops of Kshitij (ktj)

Kshitij sorts out explanation workshops amid and in the days prior to the fest. The workshops are composed in the relationship with famous and reputed associations and are directed free of expense.

Declaring the significance of picking up hands-on involvement in the learning procedure, Kshitij composes intelligent workshops on a wide assortment of themes to connect the separation among hypothetical and reasonable information. These workshops are directed by educated people from hello there tech organizations like Microsoft, IBM, Philips, Nvidia, World Quant, Google Developers Group, Prana Studios, HPE, Mahindra and Mahindra, Intel which give mechanical achievements and elevate imaginative answers for the most squeezing worldwide difficulties within recent memory.

The Kshitij Team also organizes outside workshops in places like Kolkata, Indore, Nagpur, Lucknow, etc before the start of the fest.

Guest Lectures of Kshitij (ktj)

Every year, Kshitij welcomes celebrated dignitaries from everywhere throughout the world to share their important bits of knowledge. The visitors for Kshitij in its past releases include:

  • Simon Taufel: winner of five consecutive “ICC Umpire of the Year award” between 2004 and 2008
  • Alan Emtage: father of the Internet Search Engine
  • Dov Frohman: previous VP – Intel, designer of EPROM
  • Dr. Dhanushkodi Sivanandhan: Former Deputy Director of the Investigation Bureau.
  • Mr. Imtiaz Ali: Director of motion pictures like Highway, Rockstar, Jab We Met.
  • Dr. Rajendra Singh: Stockholm Water Prize champ. Likewise called “waterman of India”
  • Bedabrata Pain: chief, designer of CMOS Image Sensor
  • Sir Robin Knox-Johnston: first to play out a performance relentless circumnavigation of the globe
  • Dr. Subir Gokarn: previous appointee representative, Reserve Bank of India
  • Dr. Jacob Cohen: Chief scientist, NASA
  • Claude Vallee: director SPSC, CERN
  • Nawazuddin Siddiqui: widely praised performing artist
  • Krishnaswamy Kasturirangan: previous chief – ISRO

Other activities of Kshitij (ktj)

For the amusement of the members during the occasions, Kshitij also organizes activities like:

  • Snappit: photography competition
  • TechQuila: the lively stage in the midst of the Arena
  • Krypton: Gaming event


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