Why VIT is Better Than IIT Bombay?

Why is VIT Better Than IIT Bombay? Why VIT is Better Than IIT Bombay?: This is a very trending question on Google, Quora, and Social media. So, we thought to throw some light on this topic that why is VIT better than IIT Bombay. Well, without a doubt the first thing comes in mind that the person who asked this question must be high on weed or alcohol because a normal sober person will never ask such a stupid question. This question is like why to prefer donkeys over horses.

An eye for an eye! if the question has been asked then there must be an answer. So, After a lot of research, I concluded some valid answers to this question. Seriously if I did have done so much research on something good, then I would have a Ph.D. degree in my resume!

Why is VIT Better than IIT Bombay?

After burning so many brain cells, I found some valid points that why VIT is better than IIT Bombay.

  • The sex ratio in VIT is higher than any IIT. Chances of getting laid are high!
  • F*ucked up in studies? VIT provides you a solution, IITs doesn’t
  • 99.99% placements in VIT – Not considering the fact it maybe 10 thousand per month
  • VIT supports direct admission in any branch through management quota – A big wow from backbenchers who don’t study!
  • Air-conditioned hostels in VIT – Money Bois!
  • Digital writing pads to write exams in VIT  – Environment care
  • VIT supports Tamil Nadu board to promote education – genuinely a good thing
  • Low depressing rhythm – No suicides

Why VIT is Better than IIT Bombay?

Now, coming to the true facts without sarcasm, IIT Bombay or any other older IITs are way better than private colleges like VIT. The aim of most of the private colleges is to Earn Money, not to provide good education. VIT seems to be one of them – Fancy lifestyle, active advertisement, always greeting and what not.

We encourage students to study hard and get admission to any, one of the IIT colleges. It will ensure you a good future for your life. Although, If you missed JEE by some points, then VIT can be a good option for you.

Thank You for wasting your time by reading this article to know the answer to this idiotic question: Why is VIT Better Than IIT Bombay?

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