How to track IRS Tax Return Status?

IRS Tax Return – The IRS offers tax refund benefits to citizens who have overpaid their tax amounts. Tax refunds are provided to eligible U.S. citizens. To check the status of their IRS refund, individuals can use the “Where’s My Refund?” tool on the IRS portal. This can be accessed by logging in with their Social Security Number (SSN) or checking the tax filing status. Before checking the IRS refund status, candidates should ensure they meet the eligibility criteria.

Eligible citizens can expect to receive their tax refund within 21 days if they have filed their tax return electronically. This article provides information on IRS tax return status and how to track tax returns using SSN. Let’s delve into the details in the following sections.

Track Your IRS Tax Return

To monitor the status of your tax refund, utilize the “Where’s My Refund” tool provided by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in the U.S. This online tool allows you to check the current status of your tax refund. The information on the tool is updated once daily, overnight, so it is advisable to check the details daily.

If you submitted your tax return electronically, you can check the refund status within 24 hours. However, for those who filed using paper forms, it may take around 4 weeks. The “Where’s My Refund” tool provides real-time information, including the issuance date of the refund. Stay informed by checking the tool regularly for the latest updates on your tax refund.

IRS Tax Refund eligibility

Here are the eligibility criteria that a candidate must meet to become eligible for an IRS Tax Refund:

  1. Overpayment or Excess Tax Withheld:
  • Taxpayers who have overpaid their taxes or had more tax withheld from their paychecks qualify for a refund.
  1. Eligibility for Refundable Tax Credits:
  • Taxpayers who are eligible for refundable tax credits can qualify for a refund even if they haven’t had any federal income tax withheld from their paychecks.
  1. Filing Within 3 Years of Due Date:
  • Taxpayers who file their tax returns within three years of the original due date, including extensions, are eligible for a refund.
  1. No Income Tax Owed and No Refundable Tax Credits:
  • Taxpayers who owe no income tax and do not have any refundable tax credits are not eligible for a refund.

Meeting these criteria ensures that individuals are eligible to receive a refund from the IRS based on their specific tax situation.

IRS Tax Return date By SSN

The IRS refund dates can be checked through the following points:

  1. 3 or 4 Days After Filing:
  • Approximately 3 or 4 days after filing the tax return, you can check for updates on the IRS refund status.
  1. 24 Hours After Current Return Filing:
  • If you filed your tax return electronically, you can check the refund status within 24 hours of filing the current return.
  1. 4 Weeks After Paper Returns:
  • For individuals who filed paper returns, it may take around 4 weeks before they can check the status of their IRS refund.

By keeping track of these timelines, taxpayers can stay informed about the processing status of their tax refund and get updates on the issuance date.

IRS Tax Return Processing Time

The “Track My Refund” tool is designed to help beneficiaries check the refund status of their IRS Tax.

Once the IRS receives a paper tax return, and it is deemed accurate and complete, beneficiaries can expect to receive their refund in 6 to 8 weeks. Electronic filing typically results in a quicker refund issuance, often within 3 weeks, especially if the option of direct deposit is chosen. Remarkably, the IRS processes refunds for 90% of taxpayers in less than 21 days.

Taxpayers are advised to check the status of their tax return within 24 hours after e-filing or, for paper returns, within 4 weeks after mailing. This can be done using the “Where’s My Refund” tool on the IRS website. The tool provides insights into the return’s progress through various stages, such as return received, refund approved, and refund sent.

Refunds for electronically filed tax returns are typically issued within 21 days, whereas paper returns may take longer. Staying informed through the “Track My Refund” tool ensures beneficiaries are aware of their refund’s progress.

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Use Where My Refund Method To Get IRS Tax Refund

The “Where’s My Refund” tracking method is a swift way to access details about your refund and related information, with changes being updated overnight regularly. Taxpayers can check the tax return details 24 hours after submitting e-applications.

It’s important to note that tax returns filed by paper post are processed annually, and refund details take time to update. Candidates filing their taxes manually can check the refund status within 3 weeks to 6 months. The following methods are used to check the status of IRS Tax returns:

  1. Tax Filing Status
  2. Social Security Number
  3. Refund Amount

The tracker displays various sections indicating the progress of tax files:

  • Return Received:
    • Indicates when e-applications are successfully registered and sent to the IRS department.
  • Refund Approved:
    • Displays the approval status when IRS authorities verify all tax file details, ensuring a successful verification process, and processing files to the next phase.
  • Refund Sent:
    • Shows that the refund is sent to beneficiaries by tax authorities, indicating the finalization of the process with no further verification required. Beneficiaries should receive the refund within 1 week of this status. The IRS tax refund amount is based on the tax returns filed in the previous year.

How to Track IRS Tax Refund Using SSN Number?

The IRS tax refund can be easily tracked using the SSN Number. However, the SSN alone is not sufficient; the refund amount and filing status are also required. Beneficiaries can track the refund status without creating an account or signing in. Here are the steps to track your IRS Tax Refund:

  1. Visit the official IRS website,
  2. Choose the option “Where’s My Refund.”
  3. Read the guidelines.
  4. Select the tax year and filing status, then enter the SSN Number and refund amount.
  5. The tracking information is generated.

Alternatively, you can use the IRS2Go app to track your tax refund status. Choose the refund tracking option, enter your SSN Number, and provide other required details to initiate tracking.

What to Do if the IRS Tax Refund is Delayed?

If the IRS tax refund is delayed, or if the beneficiary does not receive it on time, the following steps can be considered:

  1. Have Patience:
    • Delays can occur due to verification procedures or processing backlogs. Be patient and allow extra time for processing.
  2. Contact IRS:
    • If it has been more than 21 days since you released an IRS refund, and you haven’t received it, contact the IRS at:
      • 866-464-2959 for amended tax returns.
      • 800-829-1954 for current-year returns.

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