Bhikhari For Google is Pak’s PM Imran Khan


Pakistan is completely irritated about the changes in Article 370 in Kashmir. After the failure of Pakistan in the UNSC Council, the Pak PM is also facing trouble in Google. A photo of Pakistan’s prime minister Imran Khan is coming after searching Bhikhari on Google search engine. In this image seen in Google image, Pak PM …

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Why Sushant Singh Rajput Committed Suicide?

Sushant Singh Rajput Commits Suicide Why

The famous Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput was found hanging on the ceiling of the room today. The incident happened in his Bandra home in Mumbai. He was currently 34 years old. His home servant made the call to the police and informed them about the situation. Sushant Singh Rajput Commits Suicide Actor Sushant Singh …

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“Kutta” on Play Store = TikTok – Why?

why tiktok is showing in the search result of Kutta on play store

Search “Kutta” on Play Store, The Result will be TikTok: After the great success of Chutiya news anchor of India on google search results. It’s now time for TikTok! If you search on the term “Kutta” on the play store you will get TikTok in the top results. Kutta is the Hindi translation of dog. …

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RIP Banker Uday Kamath😭😭

Banker Uday Kamath

RIP Banker Uday Kamath: With a very heavy heart and deep grief, We are stating that we lost another warrior in the battle of coronavirus pandemic. The special branch assistant of IDBI Bank of Malad Branch, North Mumbai has died on 1st May due to Coronavirus. Symptoms of Coronavirus has been started to show in …

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Chutiya News Anchor of India

Chutiya News Anchor Of India

Chutiya News Anchor of India Ever Watched News? Follow News TV Channels? Then this article must be of your interest! Many news anchors come and go, but some of them are remembered forever, either for there good or bad deeds. The famous news channel Republic TV’s Co-founder and Anchor Mr. Arnab Goswami are one of …

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New Danger From China: HantaVirus | All you need to know about the Virus, and How it spreads

New Danger From China: HuntaVirus | All you need to know about the virus, and how it spreads

Indeed, even as the coronavirus flare-up surprises the world, various different illnesses are likewise popping up from china. Instances of swine flu and bird flu have just been accounted for in India and different nations. Presently, a man from China has tried positive for hantavirus. China’s Global Times tweeted that the man from Yunnan Province …

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