Faceless Yogi scams NSE

We often see a lot of people going to ‘Baba’ and ‘Guru’ – all of these people are often quite educated and well established too. At first, Baba magnetizes His devotees only personally, but on seeing and seeing, gradually this Baba becomes completely heavy over the devotees and starts controlling them – either or else or however they want. social life. Oftentimes, Baba becomes the teacher, counsellor, personal advisor, health guide, investment advisor, and money launderer of his devotees.

Have you seen Aamir Khan’s Bollywood film ‘PK’ or Bobby Deol’s web series ‘Asharam’? One such baba, rather a ‘yogi’, has directly driven Chitra Ramakrishna, the former CEO of National Stock Exchange, from the Himalayas, but in fact, NSE is controlled with his own remote control… Quite shocking? Come let’s see who is this yogi? What is their work and how did I take former CEO Chitra Ramakrishna into my pocket and took India’s largest stock exchange, NSE in the pocket.

So What are this Yogi, Chitra, and NSE-SEBI Affair?

Chitra Ramakrishna was the Managing Director and CEO of NSE from April 2013 to December 2016. Professionally, Chitra Ramakrishna is a CA and has also worked in IBDII Bank and SEBI. Recently, in a SEBI investigation, some strange developments were seen and a mystery came out – that in the tenure of Ramakrishna, a ‘Yogi’ of the Himalayas, who was indirectly known as ‘Sirnomi’ to Karti.  see in fact NSE is controlling every work.

The matter of hair is that Chitra Ramakrishna had never met Yogi but she was very much influenced by him. He had his personal life or  National Stock Exchange’s comprehensive information also shared karti. According to the email interaction, NSE’s daily operations to 5-year projection, financial data, business plan, and board meeting details were also shared. She even consulted him about the annual appraisal of his employee.

Based on the advice of this yogi, Ramakrishna made one Ananda Subramaniam his advisor and also the Chief Strategy Officer of the CSO of NSE, which is worth more than one crore. The shocking thing is that Subramaniam did not even have any special experience in the industry. In fact, he was working in a private company for my 15 lakhs.

Imagine, the country’s largest exchange with an average daily turnover of 64,000 crores and handling 49 crores transactions per day, is leaked by the CEO all the data and that too with a suspicion that he has never met. Is. And then, taking his advice, the institution not only recruits ineligible people but also promotes them by giving packages of crores to whoever regularly – so this is how the country scam is happening.

Seeing the emails of Chitra and Yogi, it is clear how Chitra gave the same importance to Anand Subramaniam as he used to give to Yogi. From this, a question also comes Subramaniam is not that faceless yogi?

Now the Question has Arisen that, did the Other NSE Executives not Know Anything?

Well, with the investigation, the board knew that confidential information was being shared between Ramakrishna and Yogi. But the board had taken a conscious decision that this matter would not be reported to SEBI and the matter would be given another box. Ravi Narayan, who was Ramakrishna’s predecessor, also knew everything but he did not do anything.

Despite governance lapses and malpractices, the NSE board did not sack Ramakrishna but gave him an opportunity to resign on ‘personal grounds’, due to which he also got a profit of more than 3.5 crores.

Chitra Ramakrishna had destroyed all his laptops as soon as he left them by calling them e-waste – which had lost all-sufficient evidence.

So What Action Has SEBI Taken Now?

SEBI has imposed penalties on NSE, Ramakrishna, and all those who were involved. Ramakrishna has been fined ₹3 crores and NSE, Narayan, and Subramaniam ₹2 crores to pay for those 45 days. VR Narasimhan, who was then the Chief Regulatory Officer and Chief Compliance Officer, has also been fined ₹6 lakh. Apart from this, NSE has been banned for further 6 months – due to which it cannot launch any new product.

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It was pretty spicy news, wasn’t it? It is seen how not a businessman, politician, or celebrity shook the top management of India’s top financial institution. After all, NSE is India’s largest stock exchange and its flagship index Nifty 50 is a barometer of the country’s business scenario. So are the institutions of the country no longer trustworthy? Do you know what scam you have done in these past years, have all of them mixed up? Why is the government and the opposition silent? No wonder, the common Indians are slowly losing their trust in all the institutions.

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