Tragic Fisher Island Ferry Accident Claims Life: Port Miami Temporarily Shut Down

In a devastating incident “Fisher Island Ferry Accident” that occurred on Sunday, June 25, 2023, Port Miami experienced its second fatal accident involving a ferry since 2020. During the early morning hours, a boat collided with a ferry, resulting in the tragic death of an individual. This has been one of the deadliest crashes at Port Miami in recent years, leading to a 12-hour closure of the port. Discover more about this heartbreaking boat accident and its consequences in the sections below. Keep scrolling for details.

The Fisher Island Ferry Accident: A Fatal Boat Collision

Let’s delve into the details of a boat accident involving a ferry that claimed two lives three years ago. The victims were identified as 63-year-old Emma Afra and her 75-year-old passenger, Viviane Brahms, hailing from Harrison, New York. The investigation revealed that Emma Afra failed to engage the parking brake of her Mercedes, causing the vehicle to roll and inadvertently accelerate. This tragic incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of practicing caution and safety measures when operating vehicles. By exploring the events that transpired, we can learn from this heartbreaking accident and strive for safer journeys on our waterways.

Capturing the Aftermath: Boat Collision Impact Video

The aftermath of the boat collision revealed a scene of unimaginable sorrow. As investigators painstakingly combed through the wreckage, they discovered the submerged Mercedes lying upside down, an astonishing 52 feet below the water’s surface. It was within this tragic vehicle that the victims, Emma Afra and Viviane Brahms, were found locked in a final embrace in the back seat. The sheer magnitude of this heartbreaking sight left onlookers and rescuers shaken to their core.

The incident occurred in the vicinity of the Pilot House Station at Dodge Island, in the early hours of Sunday, around 3:40 am. Lt. Pete Sanchez from the Miami Fire Rescue relayed that a 30-foot boat collided with the ferry within the channel, setting in motion this devastating chain of events. Swift action from the ferry crew facilitated the successful rescue of one individual, who was swiftly transferred to the Ryder Trauma Center at Jackson Memorial Hospital, under the dedicated care of the US Coast Guard. The haunting imagery captured at the scene stands as a stark reminder of the fragility of life and the lasting impact of tragic accidents.

Fisher Island Ferry Accident
Fisher Island Ferry Accident

Port Miami Paralyzed: Fisher Island Ferry Accident

The repercussions of this fatal crash reverberated throughout Port Miami, causing a significant disruption to its operations. As news of the accident spread, the port was forced to shut down for an agonizing 12-hour period. The closure resulted in a wave of chaos and logistical challenges, as passenger travel and commercial operations came to a grinding halt. With the US Coast Guard’s announcement of the temporary closure, three scheduled cruise ships had to swiftly adapt their unloading procedures, navigating through the restrictive measures imposed.

The Wildlife Conservation Commission and Florida Fish undertook a meticulous investigation to ascertain the cause of the accident, ensuring that every necessary step was taken to prevent similar incidents in the future. The closure of Port Miami cast a spotlight on the vital role it plays in the region’s economy, underscoring the need for stringent safety protocols and enhanced measures to safeguard the lives of all those who rely on its services. As the investigation progresses, we eagerly await further updates and urge everyone to reflect upon the importance of safety, preparedness, and continued efforts to prevent such devastating accidents from occurring again. Follow our website for more update.

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