Takla Punjabi Singer | Who is Takla Punjabi Singer?

Takla Punjabi Singer: Who is Takla Punjabi Singer? People In India are very creative in everything from technological jugad to giving nicknames. Our fellow Punjabi singer is one who is the victim of the same.

Takla Punjabi Singer

One day someone on earth, In jolliness searched the term โ€œTakla Punjabi singerโ€ on youtube and got amazed to see the results. Since then this term started to find its trend on youtube and google. Memers took this advantage and made hilarious memes on it. If you search the term โ€œTakla Punjabi singerโ€ on youtube the below results will appear on the top.

Takla Punjabi Singer memes
Takla Punjabi Singer memes

Who is Takla Punjabi Singer?

Well, you must have heard the song โ€œTeri Mittiโ€ from one of Akshay Kumarโ€™s awesome movies Kesari. So, our Takla Punjabi singer is none other than the singer of this song Mr B Praak. B Praak initially is a music producer and then debuted as a singer with the song Mann Bharrya in his carrier journey. He also has many collaborations with the famous lyricist Jaani. In 2019, he entered into Bollywood industry with two songs as lead singer in the movies Kesari and Good Newz with the stellar role of Akshay Kumar. Below is the word by word meaning:-

  • Takla is slang for bald in Hindi.
  • A Punjabi is someone who is from the Punjab province.
  • A singer is a person who does song-singing.

Takla Punjabi Singer Real Name

The real name of Takla Punjabi Singer โ€“ B Praak is Pratik Bachan. B Praak is his stage name. Pratik Bachan is an Indian music composer and singer associated with the Punjabi Music industry. The spouse name of Pratik Bachan aka B Praak is Meera Bachan. He is 34 years old. A lot of meme templates are available to download on the internet about this singer.

Takla Punjabi Singer Pics

Here is how our Takla Punjabi singer looks in the frame:

Takla Punjabi Singer pics
Takla Punjabi Singer pics

Takla Punjabi Singer Memes

Here is a hilarious meme on Takla punjabi singer from the internet.

Takla Punjabi Singer Meme
Takla Punjabi Singer Meme

Takla Punjabi Singer Song

Some of the hit songs of Takla punjabi singer โ€“ B Praak are Filhal, Teri Mitti, Mann Bharrya, Kuch Bhi Ho Jaye.

The 34-year-old vocalist, Mr. B Praak, is actually Pratik Bachan. A professional singer and musician, B Praak. The most viral song to establish him as a musical legend is Mann Bharrya.

So, Thank you guys for reading this article on Takla Punjabi singer. We hope you guys enjoyed it.

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