10 Reasons Why TikTok is BAD for Your Mental Health

TikTok, also known as musical.ly, is a Chinese-owned social media platform for sharing small videos of 15 seconds to 1 minute. Its parent company is a famous Chinese startup known by the name ByteDance. With the launch of TikTok, it starts to gain high popularity across borders in a concise period of time. Teenagers mostly use TikTok for sharing short music videos of dress changing videos, lip-syncing videos, vulgar videos, etc. But, This small good looking has very dark secrets, and I’m going to reveal them! So, today in this very post I will tell you about 10 reasons why TikTok is bad for your mental health.

Definitely, As you have noticed, most of the TikTok videos have nothing to do with the personal or professional development of teenagers. Teenagers are mostly the creators and viewers of TikTok. But, what they don’t know is what this app is doing with them. With the rising fame of TikTok with this speed, it can be said that TikTok is not controlled by people but, people are controlled by TikTok. TikTok is silently brainwashing you!

Let’s see 10 reasons why TikTok has bad impacts on your brain or mental health, more precisely. Don’t miss the 10th reason as it’s the most important of all.

10 Reasons Why TikTok is BAD for you and your Mental Health

Well, there can be numerous reasons why TikTok is bad for humans or humanity. Here we have noted down the 10 most important ones.

Vulgarity, Harassment, Abuses

As TikTok become famous among teen girls and women. Most of them are only uploading seductive or Vulgar contents just to gain some likes. Not only this, while scrolling over TikTok, you will frequently find Harassing and abusive videos to spread nothing but hatred, instability, and insecurity. Compelling us to say, dude wtf is this?

Destroying Personal Lives

There were a lot of cases reported to the police regarding TikTok videos. People are using TikTok to defame others by posting ambiguous personal videos of past relationships to ruin their current personal life. And why not these are videos that go viral. Girls are the most victim of these kinds of threats.

Ruining Your Important Time

As I said earlier the most users of TikTok are 14-18 years teenagers. They are the most infected ones by TikTok. This age period is the most critical stage to decide the future of a person. But instead, they are busy making videos of “We will be together forever”, “Couple-Goals” and shit.

Gender Conversion

Some tiktokers, especially boys are not happy that they are born with a penis. So, they are dying to become a girl. Ideally, not possible in the real world so on TikTok. Dressing up like girls, apply their makeup, copying their style, and whatnot. Nowadays, These stupid videos are also considered a mode of entertainment. Up to this extent, Tiktok is making youth brains ‘a dustbin’.

Nonsense Pranks

You can find many videos on TikTok in which video creators are doing immoral/vulgar acts with a person. And when they caught, they will say “Hey, It’s just a prank! There is the camera”. These also consist of many shitty challenges, like pranksters kiss a random girl and runs. The worst part of this is viewers of these videos are appreciating this nonsense.

ZERO – Result

Although, few tiktokers are definitely making some monetary values from TikTok. But, what most of them are losing – Time, energy, effort, youth life, brain cells, etc. Leading them to a very bad investment, which results in zero output.

Cringe Content

Needless to say, that most of the content uploaded on TikTok is cringe and nonsense. Polluting the mind of youngsters. Wasting their precious time of studying.


Playing With Your Mind

A piece of recent news revealed that TikTok is putting fake likes and comments on videos by bots. Making it more attentive to the viewer’s eyes. Tiktok is also found using some psychological hacks to make you like new modes of so-called entrainment. They are hence making you addicted to using their app.

Decreasing Attention Span

Undoubtedly, social media has decreased our attention span drastically. But, Tiktok is taking it to another level. Videos of length 15 seconds and you can skip them anytime if you don’t like them. According to a survey, the average watch time of TikTok videos is only 5 seconds. It means people need something entertaining every 5 seconds or so. It is rewiring our brain such that we can’t hold ourselves to continue watching boring or not entertaining stuff for longer. This is especially bad for students, who mostly take studies as a boring thing.

A Chinese Surveillance

Tiktok is an interactive app. It takes a whole lot of permission when a user starts using it. Many permissions mean a lot of data. Hence, sucking and filling their servers with your private data and selling it to black hat companies and governments. This can be very well used to alter your mental habits and political views. Numerous times Tiktok has been taken to court for loading Chinese surveillance software in viewer’s phones.

Last but the least, Your life must be affected by China made virus that is “coronavirus“. Tiktok is solely based in china. Using TikTok implies, you are supporting the government and people who are the reason for the present disaster in the world. So, I kindly request you uninstall TikTok from your phone and also report it to the play store/app store so that this shit is removed from the internet fastly.

I hope you liked this article as our other articles. Thanks for reading! Stay home, stay smiling.

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  1. I agree I find this disrespectful, and actually, I don’t feel there was a need to go from that TikTok’s bad to they don’t want a man parts so they dress up very, very transphobic plus racist.

  2. You definitely could have approached this better. An informational article performs better when it is opinionless and sticks to pure facts. I would advise you to remove your opinions, but at least a fourth of the article would be gone. Attempt to stray away from opinionated statements and stick to facts. Casual racisms and transphobia has no business in a tiktok mental health article. Do better!

    • I agree I find this disrespectful, and actually, I don’t feel there was a need to go from that TikTok’s bad to they don’t want a man parts so they dress up very, very transphobic plus racist.

  3. “most of the TikTok videos have nothing to do with the personal or professional development of teenagers”

    this varies per account you follow, like any social medium

  4. I agree, I hate TikTok. However, this article is straight up bad. Most of it is based on opinion and does not contain objective reasons, like professional studies, for example, to show why is it bad for your mental health. The article is titled “10 Reasons Why TikTok is BAD for Your Mental Health”, not “10 reasons why I don’t like TikTok”. Also, that last topic was straight up very disrespectful and xenophobic. First of all, the virus is NOT created artificially. Humanity barely has the technology to create an artificial virus, and way less to make a virus as powerful as this, capable of infecting the entire world. SARS-CoV-2 IS a natural virus from the Coronavirus family of viruses. Second of all, even if the virus was man-made, ByteDance would have absolutely no connection to the virus. Using TikTok would not imply you support the people making it just because it is in China. Also, a virus would be made by a group of people with mallicious intent, so they have to get the credit for it, not the whole country, and a mobile app company that has nothing to do with it. Third, China is a victim of the virus just like the rest of the world. Just because the first cases of the virus started there, there is no reason to hate the country because of it. They don’t have control of the start of the pandemic after all.

    I do appreciate you giving your opinion about the app, but when it goes too far to the point of being xenophobic, science ignorant, you just are just making a hate speech, which has no protection under the freedom of speech. So I ask you. Please, YOU delete this article.

    • I agree with your reasoning here. This to me seems opinion based and I couldn’t find any straight facts in it or sources that were cited. But I’m pretty sure they still have the protection under the freedom of speech :/


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