How to Share WhatsApp Status to Facebook/Instagram Stories?

Whatsapp has finally bought us the most awaiting feature of sharing the to Facebook, Instagram, and many more other apps. This new feature is only available for the beta users of WhatsApp for now, but they will shortly release it for everyone once everything goes fine. the beta users of WhatsApp can now see a new sharing button beneath the WhatsApp status.

For using this new feature, a user doesn’t need to link the account of the different apps. The sharing will be held just between app to app. They can also send their to other apps like Gmail, google photos,  Twitter, SMS, and more.

So now let’s see the steps, how you can share to Facebook/ Instagram stories:

How to share to Facebook/Instagram Stories

As we have told you earlier this feature is only available for beta users of WhatsApp for now. So make sure you have the correct beta version of WhatsApp. Although If you are not a beta user of WhatsApp, still you can download its beta version from the internet. Let’s see the steps now:-

  • Open the WhatsApp app of your or iPhone
  • Go to the status tab, where you will have two options Share inactive status or New status. Create an awesome status
  • Then again goto status tab, where you will see a big button saying “Share to Facebook Story”
  • Tap on that. Allow and open the facebook app, if asked to
  • Then you  will be taken to facebook app’s story sharing interface with the same story as that of the WhatsApp
  • Choose the audience type and tap on “Share Now”

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If you want t share your old status to facebook

  • Open the WhatsApp app of your or iPhone
  • Then go to My Status for iPhone or My Status then More for Android
  • There you see an option “Share to Facebook Story”
  • Just tap on that then you will be directed to facebook app
  • Choose the audience of your choice, whom you want to share your story and tap on “Share Now”
  • That’s it!!

Following these simple steps, you can very easily share your to facebook. For now, you can only see the dedicated ‘Share to Facebook Story’ button available under the ‘My Status’ option in the beta version of Whatsapp. Soon there option will change to share with other apps, and then you can share in Instagram, Twitter, and many other apps too. And will available to every Whatsapp user.

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How to Share WhatsApp Status to Facebook/Instagram Stories
How to Share to Facebook/Instagram Stories

As Facebook owns Whatsapp, you must be concerned about your privacy, on which point Facebook is not good with. But this time they have taken care of that aspect as well. For privacy issues, Whatsapp is not linking with other apps to share data, in this case, the status. They are just using the data-sharing API as other apps do. This feature is currently in the test phase. Soon it will be available for everyone, once the testing and feedbacks wents well. This functionality is already available on Instagram. Facebook is basically trying to bring all its apps under a single umbrella.

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