Secure Your WiFi At Home and Office With These Brilliant Tricks

Many companies and house owners try hard to keep the wifi connection secure. How to avoid unauthorized users from accessing your wifi? If ignored, hackers can cause a great problem for your network. DEN Broadband Plans, being the most trusted wifi provider in Delhi, has listed the security tips. Wifi signals can pass outside the wall and buildings. So, keep this in mind before neglecting the serious issue. You cannot ask the visitors to stop using the wifi. It is not practical advice. Instead, we have gathered tips to help you. Have a look and make sure you consider them before losing out to hackers. 

Make Use Of Strong Encryption

Some of the wifi access points might still offer the older WEP. But, this standard of protection is basically broken. In other words, hackers can easily access the WEP protected network within a few minutes. It would be better if you make use of either the WPA or WPA2. If you own a small business or house, WPA should be sufficient. Here all the users will be using the same wifi network. Wifi security depends on those members not sharing your password. Also, disable the WPS in your router settings. It gives a chance for hackers to exploit your network. 

Secure With Good WPA Password

Keep a strong password which should not pave the way for hackers to decode it. Being the reliable internet service provider in Gurgaon, this is the primary suggestion we give to our customers. During the installation, we use the default credentials for quick set up. So, change them after the initial set up is done. Do not forget! It makes more difficult for a hacker to access it. CloudCracker services enable you to test the wifi security status. You need not share the credentials anyways! It tries to retrieve your password. If this service is capable of finding your password, you need to change it immediately. 

Monitor the Presence Of Rogue Wifi Access Point

Presence of rogue access points tends to be very risky. These are the suspicious wifi access point brought in unknowingly. It is generally hidden. You will absolutely have no control over those points. In turn, you also cannot modify the configuration settings. Like, it can be used to provide your wifi connection without any need of a password. Using suitable software, it is recommended to make a regular scan. You can seek suggestion from an internet service provider in Gurgaon for better solutions.

Secure Your WiFi At Home and Office With These Brilliant Tricks
Secure Your WiFi At Home and Office With These Brilliant Tricks

Provision Of Separate Network For Guest

It makes sense to offer a separate guest network. Here, they can get a wifi connection without interfering with the internal network. It provides the best security. Also, it avoids the malware and viruses from entering the connection. Get a WPA protection for the guest wifi network. Of course, it controls the quality of users. Once you share the password, the number of unknown users keeps increasing. So, change it regularly.

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Hide The Name Of Your Network

DEN broadband, a wifi provider in Delhi always suggests you to hide the network name. It might be easy to find and get connected. But, hiding the name solve the majority of security issues. Whoever passes your building, they can find the network connection availability. This is not the only thing to consider while securing your wifi. Hackers can still detect the names using a few software. But it is okay! Security is about implementing many layers of protection. It does not evidently attract the attention of hackers. It works as a barrier for hackers.

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