RIP Banker Uday Kamath????????

RIP Banker Uday Kamath: With a very heavy heart and deep grief, We are stating that we lost another warrior in the battle of coronavirus pandemic. The special branch assistant of IDBI Bank of Malad Branch, North Mumbai has died on 1st May due to Coronavirus. Symptoms of Coronavirus has been started to show in Banker Uday Kamath on 28th of May. He got admitted to the hospital immediately. After a 4 day intense medication of Uday Kamath to stabilize the coronavirus inside him. He at the end breathed his last breath.

RIP Banker Uday Kamath

Despite knowing that the Malad Branch of North Mumbai is a Red zone/Infected zone area for coronavirus, bankers like Uday Kamath were still doing their duties in the storm. So that people in the nation do have to face any financial issues. For Implementing reliefs like DBT, Jan-Dhan, Covid19 loan, Bankers play a major role. No work from home!

Most Irony Part

The most irony part for which the whole internet is complaining:-

Banks do not have any specific health insurance plan for bank staffs or bank workers who dies due to coronavirus(COVID19). Recently many Banks have come forward and announced health insurance of almost Rs. 50 Lac for health service workers and other corona fighters excluding Bankers. The irony is banks are not bothering about the safety of their own people, who are doing their duties even in coronavirus infected areas. No work from home.

Also, still after two days of the death of Late Uday Kamath, No govt authority is stepping ahead to assure bankers their safety and life in this deadly situation.

Despite all possible efforts of lockdown and all, it is now becomes clear that the life of bankers, their families, and all customers who visit banks every day are at peak risk.

We request the government to shut down all the banks in the red zone area and provide necessary relief to bankers as well.


Thank You!

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