How to Get Refund From Voot? Voot Refund Trick

How To Get Refund From Voot? Trick: Looking to take a refund of your unwanted voot subscription? or your money gets deducted from your credit card for voot subscriptions with your knowledge? We know there are so many questions popping up in your mind related to “How to get refunds of voot subscription?” So, be with us in this article, we will tell you how you can easily cancel your voot subscription and the best-applied way to take a refund of your unintended voot subscription.

Most of the time Streaming services like Netflix, prime videos make their cancellation and refund procedures very unclear and messy. Voot aka Voot select is also one of them. Voot is an Indian subscription video-on-demand service. After it’s very launching in March 2016, it soon becomes the online hand of Viacom 18. Now, voot is treated as Viacom 18’s advertising-led video-on-demand program that can be accessed on smartphones of iOS, KaiOS, and Android users. Voot can also be streamed through Voot’s official website( for consumption on PCs and desktops.

How to Get Refund From Voot?

When you google this term “How To Get Refund From Voot?” you will only get the result that: The Voot’s Subscription Fees billed on voot select are non-refundable irrespective of whether the Voot’s Service has been consumed by You or not. The subscription plan of voot will continue to remain in an active state until the end of the Subscription period, whether you cancel the Service or not before the time period.

So, Basically this says that direct refunds of your Voot’s subscription cannot be granted in any case, whether you intentionally bought the service or mistakenly clicked on it, you are not going to be paid back. But, this is not fair. Right? So, we have found a trick to the refund of your voot subscription very easily. Although we can’t confirm that you will get a refund but, you will still hold a chance of 50 percent.

So, before applying the trick to get a refund from voot, you must first cancel your membership as soon as possible. Below are easy steps about How to cancel voot/voot select subscription?

How to Cancel VOOT or VOOT SELECT Subscription?

Just follow the below steps to cancel your voot select subscription easily:

Step 1: Go to and login with your account

Step 2: Click on the profile icon on the top left corner and select settings

How to Cancel VOOT Select Subscription
How to Cancel VOOT Subscription

Step 3: Here in the settings page, click on the manage button in front of subscription

Step 4: On the next screen you can see your active subscription details, simply click on cancel subscription

cancel voot subscription
cancel voot subscription

And done! You have successfully canceled your voot/voot select subscription. No charges will be deducted automatically after it.

Now coming to the trick, after canceling the voot select subscription. You need to follow the below steps to get the refund of your unintended voot select subscription:-

Trick to Get Refund On VOOT

Since you already know voot or voot select do not provide a direct refund on their plan cancellation. But, voot does provide its active email support with human replayers. So, you simply need to send a request mail to the voot support team describing that you mistakenly purchased the voot subscription plan and you no longer need it hence, need a refund. You definitely need to apply your sentimental skills to a good email so that they get convinced with you and offer you a refund. But, most of us are very bad at writing emails – Thanks to casual like Facebook and Instagram!

So, we will provide you a sample email, which did worked for many people and may work for you too!

Sample Email

Below, we will provide you a sample email to send to voot customer support. Just change the email a little bit so that it does not look like copy paste.

how to get refund from voot app
how to get app

Voot Customer Care Email: [email protected]

Voot content regulation Email: [email protected]

Voot Customer Care Number: nil

Email Text:

Dear sir/mam,

I accidentally purchased the yearly subscription plan of voot, while trying to see how things are in voot. I have submitted my credit card information, so money gets deducted automatically without asking for OTP or anything.

Although I like the services provided by voot select very much, But, I’m still a student and from a very middle-class family. Hence, can’t afford a paid plan.

So, I kindly request you to refund my money and cancel my voot subscription plan.

Voot Account Email:

I hope you can understand the situation.
Thank You!

Your Name

Just compose this email preferable with which you subscribed voot account email and sent it to [email protected] You can also change some text in the email and make it more convincing.

They may deny your request on the first shot, but you need to keep convincing them by relying on the email.

Proof of VOOT SELECT Refund

At first, they also denied me saying that it is against Voot’s policy, but I again replied to them with a more sentimental email defining my condition that I am from a very poor family and all. They finally granted my request after two days from my last email.

Below is the proof of the refund I got from the voot select by following the above process.

Refund from voot select

Although, this trick to get the cannot give you a clear shot that you will definitely get a refund of your canceled voot subscription plan. But, it will give you a 50-50 change for getting your hard-earned money back.

Thank You!

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