5 Ways to Connect Laptop to TV (Wireless And Wired) | How to Connect Laptop to Smart TV | How to Connect Laptop to TV

5 Ways to Connect Laptop to TV (Wireless And Wired) | How to Connect Laptop to Smart TV | How to Connect Laptop to TV: On almost every other occasion, when I wish to share my joy and excitement with family and friends, the restricted frame of my Laptop or PC screen inevitably fails me. Frustrated, I almost consider discarding the monitor when the tight budget of the month pulls my hands, a safe distance away from the currently useless but costly monitor.
The problem is perhaps not a personal one. Majority users of all-in-one computing devices often share experiences, where they became a victim of the same frustration. Perhaps, its time to officially address the issue and save the day for millions of folks out there, struggling with the small display!

5 Ways to Connect Laptop to TV

One must not worry anymore about increasing the budget for better visual experiences. Gone are the days when technology came with compromises. Here are a few economical yet efficient ways to connect your PC screen to the TV.

Connect Laptop to Smart TV Using Wired Methods

Connect Laptop to Smart TV Using HDMI Cable

Short for High-Definition Media Interface, HDMI refers to a technology that transmits uncompressed digital signals. In the form of cables, this technology enables the transmission of video content from the PC screen to TV.
One can easily connect the PC screen to TV by linking them with an HDMI cable connected to HDMI ports on both devices. Then, it will serve as a two-way road for your data. For television sets that lack an HDMI port, HDMI to composite converter can be used.

Connect Laptop to Smart TV Using VGA

VGA cable stands for the video graphics array cable, which first got introduced for PC and desktops. Today, a majority of televisions are VGA compatible. Well, considering the latest smart TVs, VGA is one of the basic features that every television must-have. The VGA cable gets used to transfer picture signals between two devices, such as PC and TV. As a result of the VGA connection, the picture gets displayed on both the devices. Follow these steps vigilantly to connect your PC screen to the TV. First, connect both the ends of the cable to their respective ports on PC as well as TV. Then, connect a 3.5mm audio jack port from the PC to TV or speaker to enable sounds system.

Connect Laptop to Smart TV Using USB

Using a USB port to connect your PC screen to TV might sound impossible? Well, it is more than possible! Firstly, ensure that your TV and PC screens are USB compatible. Next, purchase a USB adaptor that will convert a USB port into an HDMI output. You may have to install software for the conversion on your PC.

Connect Laptop to Smart TV Using Wireless Methods

Nowadays, almost all Smart TV’s have the capability of connecting with other devices through Wi-Fi. If your TV offers such a feature, then you can conveniently view your PC screen on your TV screen. Just enable the Wi-Fi mode and connect both devices to the same Wi-Fi network. In some models, one might have to access Miracast settings, but not necessarily. Next, enable the screen-duplication settings in your PC’s display settings. And then, add your television to the ‘connected devices’ section in the networking settings. Your PC Screen will be displayed on your Television’s almost automatically. You can also use Google Chromecast to connect your Laptop to Smart TV.

Connect Laptop to Smart TV Wirelessly Using Transmitter & Receiver Kit

Another efficient way to connect the PC screen into TV is through the transmitter & receiver kit. First, plug in the transmitter into the computer. Then, insert the HDMI cable into your transmitter as well as the computer’s video card. Next, connect the power adaptor to the receiver and after that plug in the HDMI cable.

Why Connect Laptop to TV?

Nowadays, masses purchase streaming and mirroring devices to expand the functionality of their TV. With an expensive cost draining their pockets, they do not realize that even these miniature devices offer limited expansion. Another factor that we fail to realize is that the solution to this problem lies within our homes, resting peacefully on the table. There is no need to spend hundreds and thousands of other devices while the PC at your home is sufficient for the task. The PC or desktop is capable of providing more than mere access to the internet. You can use it for video editing, streaming, gaming, browsing the internet, creating documents, programming, and much more. However, at times, when we want to watch a movie together with friends or exhibit a video for our family, the small screen of the PC is insufficient. But, this does not mean that this marvelous technology gets ignored. The solution lies in connecting your PC screen to TV and benefiting from its unlimited functionality!

Conclusion – Connect Laptop to Smart TV

Now that you know about 5-different ways to connect your PC screen to TV, try them out, and benefit from the extensive features. After all, we all love cherishing suspenseful movies or watching memories of the past with our friends and family.

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