Best Wooden Toys

Today many families choose to buy exclusively wooden toys for their children. The main reason, although not the only one, is in contrast to the use of plastic, a material so disgusted in all areas of our lives.

Those who enjoy the outdoors know that some of the activities that take place in nature tend to revolve around the senses.

Guides, teachers, and parents (among others) invite children on field trips to feel the trees to stimulate touch. For the little ones (also for the older ones) this simple gesture is so pleasant because contact with the natural differs from the contact with the artificial.

Therefore, the wooden toy and, especially the one that is not lacquered, brings warmth to the game room and invites you to manipulate it.

In addition, there are other reasons, apart from environmental ones, for which to opt for the purchase of wooden toys:

Wood is usually more durable than other materials. The toy will have a long journey and can be passed from brother to brother.

They resist better the blows and the inclemencies like the rain or the cold.

They develop the imagination by not being carved in such detail. Some do not even include lights or sounds that distract children’s attention.

They are fabulous to start developing motor skills. Their weight and ergonomics make them manageable for younger children.

In the following list you will find the best products on the market that your children will love, but not before making warnings for responsible use: check the recommended age and do not contain toxic paints.

Best Wooden Toys

A recommendation

Experts recommend that, as it is a compact material, the best option is to add a puzzle rug that protects the floor of the room to the shopping cart. You will find them at an affordable price, just like the unique wooden toys described below.

Remember that, although they are more expensive compared to other plastic toys, they are amortized because they are inter-rational games.

For future architects: Color baby’s 100 wooden block cube

One way to succeed with a gift for children from one year is to use a lifelong toy such as Color baby’s wooden blocks.

The cube is full of 100 pieces of different sizes and shapes, made of natural wood and colored with non-toxic paint.

This type of construction game feeds creativity and imagination, as well as stimulating sight with its bright colors and touch to recognize different forms.

The pieces are collected at once in the bucket, which is 23 centimeters high, once the game is over.

For motor enthusiasts: Track with 4 Color baby cars

There are boys and girls who love any game or toy that has to do with cars or tracks. They love to raise and lower the cars on the ramps, make races and roll them everywhere.

That is why this Color baby track stands out, specially designed for the little ones who have already turned 18 months and who love the world of wheels.

The minipista is composed of ramps that are divided into 4 floors and the game includes 4 cars of different colors.

It is an ideal purchase for kids to improve eye-hand coordination and manual dexterity.

For the kitchens: Melissa & Doug’s toy foods

The symbolic game is preferred by children because with it they imitate the daily actions performed by the adults around them. For example, make the purchase in the supermarket, be the shopkeeper or play the kitchens.

With this food set, chefs will be able to create varied menus, learn nutrition and classify foods by groups (dairy, vegetables, meat, fish, and fruit) or by colors. It’s not only fun but also educational!

It is divided into 4 wooden boxes where to store the 21 foods designed and painted by hand with an exquisite taste that gives them a great realism.

The pieces are solid: they resist falls and blows without being damaged. They are smooth and have the right size for small hands.

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For the handyman of the house: Nuheby wooden tool bench

Tool banks are also another type of symbolic game that dazzles children. They like to fix, screw, hit, measure and, generally, participate in most of their parents’ activities.

But, to their disappointment, the real tools are out of reach because they can be harmed. Therefore, with this bench made entirely of wood, you will find all kinds of utensils and parts with which to “fix” cachivaches like the elderly.

Best Wooden Toys

It is a colorful set with which children will make their first steps in the world of DIY, and a suitable product to develop fine motor skills.

Perfect to give to children over 3 years old on special dates such as birthdays or Christmas.

To develop fine motor skills: Acwenie’s wooden activity and abacus center

Multifunction cubes are wonderful because in a single toy they find different activities and ways to have fun. Among all, highlights the model of the American brand Acwenie.

It has a careful design with rounded and smooth edges and 7 different functions with which to spend long moments of play: the maze of beads, the wheel with bells, the puzzle with the alphabet, on the one hand. And on the other, animals like the ladybug with legs that move, in addition to an abacus and the clock.

It is a recommended toy from the year, but the elderly will also enjoy the game by having a higher level of learning and manual dexterity.

Like many of these toys, this activity center strengthens the motor and cognitive abilities of the children.

For travelers: Eyepower train and wooden village circuit

Some toys that enchant all ages are trains. The market offers a great variety, but of the wooden models, the best valued by experts is the Eyepower brand circuit.

This pack has 130 pieces of wood, among which there are more than 5 meters of rail.

This is the most interesting because, although the circuit has a base configuration, children can mount it to their liking. And this will make them think, put, remove … In short, develop their imagination and creativity.

It includes a beautiful locomotive, 6 wagons, houses, trees and cars that complete a lively game environment.

It is a toy for children between the ages of 3 and 10 to spend their hours imagining the trip of their dreams.

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