6 Instagram Marketing Tips for Your Shopify Store

is a leading social media platform with over 1 billion active users monthly. The users of the platform are equipped with features for posting pictures, stories, and reels. Thus this makes Instagram one of the most popular among marketers to endorse their product on it and run a successful campaign to make the most of the huge user base.

In order to tap the untouched avenues of marketing through Instagram the brands can opt for displaying their posts on Instagram on their respective Shopify store. To take the first mover's advantage marketing enthusiasts should strategize a plan for a hitting hard impact on the Shopify store.

Smart Instagram Marketing Strategies to Make a Difference

Here are impactful Instagram marketing tips for Shopify stores that can help marketing enthusiasts to stand apart from the competitors, boost the consumer experience and eventually result in high conversion rates.

1. Deck up the Instagram profile

The key to succeeding in Instagram marketing is to optimally organize and channel the posts, feeds, and stories on Instagram. Somehow marketers and brands tend to neglect key functions before commencing the strategies of marketing. If the Instagram page is haywire and disorganized often fails to gather new followers and is not able to retain the existing ones.

An impactful Instagram handle makes a very big difference in hooking the attention of the followers to your account and paying attention to it. Thus the first step always should be to optimize and streamline the brand's Instagram handle.

2. Post consistently relevant content

Another essential strategy to up your marketing is to keep consistency in posting pictures and stories on your handle. But do not forget that the content being posted should be relevant and up-to-date otherwise the followers might just unfollow the handle and the page goes dead. Posting regular and trendy content helps bridge the gap between the users behind the screens and develop a personal touch.

3. Keep feed interest intrigued

When we talk about marketing tips the involvement of consumers is very important as all these advertising efforts are eventually being made to cater to them. If the consumer is intrigued and looks forward to the new posts your job is done as the consumer will automatically be involved in promoting the products and this reflects positively on the increase in sales.

Instagram Marketing Tips
Instagram Marketing Tips

The marketing team can also post interesting content in terms of Reels, which hold a grasp of the user's attention span. Likewise, the brand can also post relatable and funny memes on its page.

4. Embed your Instagram on Shopify Store

Yet another popular strategy to increase conversation rates and boost engagement is to embed Instagram on Shopify. The process of embedding is made simple and easy with the presence of social media aggregator tools. These tools allow you to curate and embed desired feeds from various social media platforms. This not boosts engagement but also makes the Shopify wall look vibrant and aesthetic.

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5. Provide legitimate social proof

The likes, comments, and views garnered on the brand's handle act as social validation and proof for the new influx of users. This provides authenticity to the brand and reconstructs its presence online.

The consumers' purchasing behaviour can be monitored on the basis of their interaction with a certain brand post. Consumers get influenced by comments and recommendations of fellow consumers of the same product. Thus social proof is another very important aspect to work upon.

6. Keep the interest intact

Consumers landing on both your Shopify Store and Instagram handle need to be subsequently sustained and introduced to fresh ideas and new products. To catch hold of the users' eyes it is always advisable to keep posting about interesting and soon-to-be-launched products. This can also open ways for anchoring and acquiring more potential consumers.


To sum up the steering conversation around Instagram marketing strategies we can say that it's very essential to streamline the brand's Instagram handle first and then focus on consistent posting of relevant content regarding the product. Embedding the vibrant Instagram feeds on the Shopify store also helps indeed in driving traffic on both platforms and eventually promising increased sales and decreased bounce rates. Hopefully, these insights prove fruitful for the readers.

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