Saitama INU | Why you need to invest in Saitama INU?

Members of the millennial generation have already embraced Bitcoin as a result of their familiarity with technological advancements. The “Next Generation of Investors” cryptocurrency will serve as a vehicle for teaching young people about investment and financial well-being. SAITAMA was launched on the Ethereum network in May 2021, and it is still under development. After a lot of time, BitIQ Trading Bot has become one of the most trusted online investment platforms in the world after a lot of work.

According to Whitepaper, the firm was inspired by the legend of a strange ghost dog that was claimed to be roaming the mountains in the neighborhood of Saitama, Japan. In addition to a bold strategy and two large stock market listings, Saitama is gaining momentum.

The Ethereum community is the one who generated this ERC-20 token. To put it another way, by investing, Saitama is assisting the next generation of investors in their understanding of how money works and how to grow their own personal wealth. Saitama intends to launch a marketplace, a software wallet, and a non-fungible token Launchpad platform, among other things. Because the bulk of these capabilities have not yet been deployed, the token’s usefulness is still restricted for the time being.

Saitama intends to boost the value of the Saitama INU token by burning 2 percent of investors’ tokens with each transaction, so increasing the value of the token. In addition, it is said that an “anti-whale” mechanism would be implemented to prevent large investors from driving up the price of cryptocurrency tokens. Due to the fact that this capability has not yet been implemented, it is just theoretical for the time being.

How Saitama INU works

The utilization of the Saitama Edutainment platform serves as the foundation for the Saitama INU network. 93 percent of Generation Z says they are absolutely uninformed about money and investment. As a result, Saitama is working to make it more enjoyable and accessible for everyone.

In addition to the SaitaMask smart digital wallet, which includes additional capabilities that are comparable to those found in other cryptocurrency wallets, the edutainment platform will be housed on the SaitaMask smart digital wallet. Here are some examples of possible outcomes:

  • Trading of NFTs
  • Purchasing other tokens using fiat
  • Shopping for DeFi tokens

SaitaMaker will allow users to manufacture, sell, and trade NFTs. It was after this that the mobile wallet market SaitaMarket came into being, enabling users to trade goods and services. All Saitama INU users will have access to a crypto market where they may trade any sort of token for another.

Reasons for Investment in Saitama INU

A pupcoin’s profits may tempt investors. Pupcoin investors aren’t slowing down. Saitama INU joins the army of dog-themed cryptocurrency. It’s lately become a trendy crypto. The value of this odd asset kind is shown.

  1. This year’s Saitama INU manifests on May 31. Of course, this led to games like Kishu INU, Alaska INU, and Dogelon Mars.
  2. Ethereum’s blockchain is used to record all SAITAMA token exchanges.
  3. Affordability should be offered to everybody, says the project’s website. It hopes to do this via increasing the token’s value and educating the next generation of investors.
  4. In terms of functionality, Saitama is like the other pupcoins. Common are deflator tokens, which have a set supply and burn tokens to lower it.
  5. SAITAMA’s resources are gone. According to a recent survey, there are 100 times more Shiba’s than Shiba INUs, who have been criticized for their abundance.
  6. 4 percent transaction fee on the network Burn addresses will get half of amount, removing tokens from circulation. Wallets of SAITAMA holders receive the other half.
  7. The non-crypto activities of the firm set it unique. As stated in the project’s white paper, a new entertainment component known as Saitama Studios is being developed by the team. This method is used by independent video game producers.
  8. Big expansions in the network have drawn a lot of attention. True, a 1,300% rise since October 1st.

Recently, coins such as the Saitama INU coin have garnered much attention. What this coin stands for is something I can get behind. For the currency, teaching the next generation of investors is a top priority. Cryptocurrency is still a relatively young phenomenon. Despite the fact that Bitcoin has been there since 2009, acceptance has never been as prevalent as it is currently. 

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