Why Zomato is the Top Online Food-Tech Company in India?

In 2008, Zomato made its way to India. Before this online food chain, there were dozens of online food stores that offered food at the doorstep. However, there were only a few outlets which gave you an array of options in terms of restaurants and fine-dine outs from where you would like to order your food. With the kind of services it offers, Zomato has become one of the top online food-tech companies in India. The online food giant recently generated Rs. 1,339 crore in revenue for the 2019 financial year. The online food-delivery store has marked its presence in other countries, which include the UAE and Lebanon. It is also available in 10 different languages as well.

Zomato has its own mobile app, which is Android and IOS friendly. The app has user-friendly features that enable you to choose your favorite meal from a wide range of options and get it delivered to your doorstep. Not only this, it helps you to book a table in your nearest restaurant and lots more other options. Below we have curated some best features of Zomato, which makes it one of the leading online food-tech companies in India.

Best Zomato Features

Some of the best features offered by Zomato that most others don’t provide are following.

Table Booking

We all know how difficult is it to scroll through every dine-out place’s website, menu, and if you like it, there is another daunting task which is booking or reserving a table. Thanks to Zomato, now you do not have to go through the same hardship again. The online food giant has come up with Zomato Book, an additional feature that allows you to go through various dine-out and restaurants under one roof. This adds much-needed convenience. It has more than 1.4 million restaurants listed, and most of them allow the booking of 2-8 people. You can reserve the table. Going by the feature, you can easily book, cancel, or modify the booking whether the restaurant is open or closed. Plus, it also tends to send reminders before the reservation.

Know What’s Your Friend is Eating

This feature is bliss for all the food buffs and people who love to stock others and what they like to eat. Zomato app gives you an option to follow your friends. This further helps you to discover different types of recipes and foods that you haven’t tried before. Moreover, this allows you to find nearby restaurants that offer the best services. The feature is exclusively available on Zomato mobile app. If you too want to know what and from where your friend eats, download the Zomato app and use Zomato promo codes to get your preferred food at the best price.

Zomato Pick Up

This is a perfect feature for all those who do not like waiting extra for the food they have ordered. Zomato has come up with an exclusive feature that allows you to order your food online, and as soon it is prepared, you can pick it directly from the restaurant itself. This will saves you time, and you can take your order on the go. The self-pick service is available in 13 cities, and it started a year back. The feature is a win-win for both Zomato and its customers.

Restaurant Profile

Zomato is a one-stop destination for food and drinks. The online store has over 1.4 lacks restaurants listed. Each restaurant has provided detailed information about sits elf and menu, images, contact number, and address, which allows the user to know the particular restaurant better. Not only this, but the online food store also asks its customers to provide feedback about the restaurant from where they have ordered. This indeed helps others to make an informed decision and select the best restaurants.

Different Zomato Apps Available

Zomato has introduced various Apps that are listed below.

  • Zomato Services App: The app is dedicated explicitly to restrainers as it helps in restaurant management.
  • Food@Work: The app is designed to give you the cafeteria experience. It has a host of cafeteria listed from which you can select the best.
  • Zomato for Business: This application helps business owners to receive feedback, reply to the reviews, manage all the needed information, etc.
  • Zomato Book Lite: This allows you to streamline bookings.
  • E2Z Chef: The app is designed for E2Z vendors. It helps them to manage orders.
  • HyperPure: It is a one-stop online shop for all your kitchen essentials.

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