Why Intro And Outro Are Game Changer For YouTube?

If you have spent a little time on your Smartphone and the Internet, you must be aware of YouTube, the popular video-sharing platform. Yes, YouTube is a rage nowadays among everyone. There are millions of content creators who are earning handsomely through their popular YouTube channels. If you think you have some talent, then there is someone somewhere in the world waiting to see you showcasing your expertise on YouTube and gain the desired attention. But just opening a YouTube channel and posting your videos will not help you garner desired attention.

Intro and outro of your videos:

Like we learned in school about the importance of introduction and conclusion for our school essays, it is the same for every other mode of creation, including YouTube videos. In this tech-savvy world, our attention spans are drastically decreasing, and we hardly manage to commit more than a few seconds on anything. So a great Intro is mandatory to keep the viewers hooked to the rest of the video.

Details about the outro:

On the other hand, a well-executed outro is equally essential for the success of your YouTube channel. The outro is the section that will stay in your audience’s mind after they finish watching your full video. Just like a movie’s ending sets the whole tone on its audience so does your video’s outro. Apart from that, it is a section where you can communicate with your audience, and make them share your work with their friends. Give links to your other works, and request them to subscribe to your channel.

Characteristics of a basic YouTube Outro:

  • Length: Experts suggest the average length of your YouTube outro should be somewhere between 05 to 25 seconds.
  • Size: The size of the canvas is generally recommended with 1920 X 1080.
  • Templates: If you start with Outro making, you can use custom free templates from https://videocreek.com.
  • Clutter-free: Keeping your Outro simple is the key. Don’t add too much information that can confuse your viewers. Choose the agenda of your outro and provide only the necessary information accordingly.
  • Consistent with the branding: Be consistent with your outro, feature your brand logo, color scheme, and theme music in your every outro to create a consistent image of your channel.
  • Be organic: Make sure your outro compliments your channel and video’s theme and subject. Consider your work holistically, and the same should reflect in your outro as well.

Let’s look at how to create a perfect outro

  • The subject of your video

The subject of the video is one of the essential parts for creating a perfect outro. You should be aware of the subject, theme, and background of your work. Select a reliable video editor like Video Creek and try to keep your work simple and basic during the initial stages.

It can be easily intimidating during the initial days of your YouTube channel. But don’t work; staying consistent and necessary in your approach is the key. There are multiple tutorials available online to get you started in no time.

  • Edit your video

The post-production stage is an essential part of video making. Use a good YouTube video maker and be simple in your approach. Make sure your lighting, angles, and background color scheme are on point. Carefully check the sound of your video before you upload it to the platform.

  • Outro theme

The size of your outro canvas should be similar to the rest of the video. There are multiple templates available online, and you can choose one that compliments your channel’s and video’s theme. You can also customize your template, but make sure to keep the basics right.

  • Adding annotation

After your background template is ready, it is now time to place all the different annotations and themes you want to display with your outro. Carefully select them and place them in proper angles. Choose the colors of your annotations carefully to complement the color of your outro’s background and visible to your audience.

  • Adding necessary call for action

As already mentioned, the outro is the place in your video to connect with your audience. This section will set your audience in the correct state of mind. So carefully choose what you want to share here. You can always provide links to your other videos.

Moreover, you can request your audience to subscribe to your channel and request them to turn on the post notification tab. Doing so will let your audience know whenever you upload any new posts.

  • Personal interaction

There is nothing like personally interacting with your audience. Even the biggest of the movie stars and politicians choose to interact directly with their audiences during a new movie and election campaigns. So you can use your voice in the background to interact or directly feature yourself at the outro of your video to express your gratitude and other messages. It will help create a personal bond between you and your viewers.

  • Consistent

Though experimenting is great to grow your channel, sometimes consistency is the key. Continuously changing the outro theme and placement can confuse your viewers, and it can become hard for them to recognize you. Try to continue using a similarly themed outro up till a certain period to create an identity among your viewers.

  • Teaser

The outro of your video is a great place to tease about your next video. This will help you to provide information about your future work with your current viewers. In this way, you can promote your next work with the efforts of current promotional activities.

  • Be dynamic

Though it is better to keep your outro simple and clear, using dynamic graphics and animations can make your outro look great and attractive. This can help you to gain the necessary attention from your viewers on a positive note.


Now it must be clear how important it is to feature a well planned and executed outro for your YouTube videos. So next time you plan about video making, prepare a crisp outro simultaneously.

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