WARP Unlimited Data Trick | WARP ( Unlimited Data Script

Unlimited Data Trick | WARP Unlimited Data Script

Hello guys, Today we are again present in front of you with an amazing trick with which you can get Unlimited data in WAPR app. WRAP is the most secure and fastest VPN provider on the internet. But, the problem with is that it a paid service. It only gives a very limited amount of data for free, after that you can’t use the app. The unlimited data plan of warp comes at a cost Rs. 69/month and is increasing day by day. Most people can’t afford this rate. But, Don’t worry. We are here to help you. Here In this article of unlimited data script, we give you a trick/script with which you will get Unlimited Data in VPN for life without paying a penny. Sounds cool? Yes, It is. Just along with us to get Unlimited data in the warp. First of let’s know about what is

What is WARP?

or  is a VPN service provider application for phones. Warp is a released by famous DNS provider company Cloudflare. Warp make your internet browsing experience more private and secure with a modern, optimized, protocol. With Warp, No one can snoop 🔍 on what you do on the Internet.

Warp is also known as

WARP Unlimited Data Trick | Register on Warp

Wrap provides fast speed than all other VPN providers with no irritating advertisement at all. It allows you to open and browse all blocked sites with more than the original speed. With all this good feature Wrap is a paid service. Very limited and insufficient data is provided in its free plan. But, the below easy steps to install warp and get unlimited data without spending a penny!

Step 1: First download the Warp by Cloudflare from below link

[Download link]

Step 2: After installation, click on get started

Step 3: Then click on install VPN profile. And you are done to install and configure warp on your device 

Now, follow below steps to get Unlimited data in the Warp:-

Step 4: Click on three lines in the top right corner of the warp app and goto account section

warp cloudflare
warp cloudflare

Step 5: Click on the key then copy it

Warp by Cloudflare
Warp by Cloudflare

Step 6:Now, Go to this site: https://get-bug-cloudflare.lvddong.repl.run

Step 7: Wait till it connects then paste your key and hit enter

Step 8: Put 100 and wait for some time, several OK, OK will be printed on the screen

Voila! You are done!!!!

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If the above method is not working or the script website is taking too long to connect, then you can try the below alternative Method to Get Unlimited Data In WARP

Alternative Trick to Get Unlimited Data in WARP

In this alternative method to get unlimited data in the warp app, we will provide you a craked key that has around 1.5 petabytes(~10^6 GB) of free data. You simply need to go to account->key->change key. Here you just to change your key with the cracked key we provide.

Trick to Get Unlimited Data in WARP
Trick to Get Unlimited Data in WARP

warp cracked key: 9Nz8G46R-03R6y8pO-38nc1T9R

After entering the craked key of warp VPN, you will be like OMG!!!!

warp cracked key
warp cracked key

Now, Enjoy the free VPN service of the world’s fastest and most secure VPN network of the internet.

Thank you!

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Thanks again!

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