Understanding The Psychological Impact Behind Color Theory

Color theory is an essential knowledge to design. However, understanding color theory is not easy. It take more than reading a few articles about color theory since it’s a complicated topic and requires practical learning and experience for full understanding. Even though you may not pay attention to the colors of the design when visiting a site, however, it is focused upon by the designers in order to create a perfect website. This article is focused on the basics of color theory and gives its introduction so you can design amazing graphics instead of making primary design mistakes.

Colors matter a lot and as individuals, we have a certain psychological impact with certain colors. While some are psychological associations with colors, others are simply the associations created by us through our surroundings. Even a slight shade makes a difference in how we view design. For example, a soft shade of blue gives a calming effect whereas a stronger one of the same colors depicts strength.

Color Categories

We have all learned about the color theory during our primary art class, but many of us forget it growing older unless we are associated with work-related to art. So let’s remind all the forgotten minds about the three main color categories:

  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Tertiary

Primary colors:  These are the colors that cannot be created through the composition of other colors.

Secondary colors: These colors can be created by mixing primary colors, two colors at most. For example, mix blue and yellow to get green, red and yellow for orange.

Tertiary colors: Tertiary colors are that those are obtained by mixing primary and secondary colors. 

All these colors are used by web designers in Karachi for designing digital graphics and websites when working on a blog or a web application.

Understanding Complementary colors

In order to understand design and colors, you need to know which colors look good together. Such colors are known as complementary colors. These colors are located on the opposite end of the color wheel against each other. These colors give a vibrant look to the design when used together. These colors are also used for enhancing special feelings to the emotion that you want to give your user. For example, using the red color on call to action button gives urgency whereas the green color gives a secure feeling. 

There are tools such as a color calculator available online to help you find the perfect pair of complementary colors for a design project.

Meaning of different colors in a color wheel

Given below are a handy guide to colors and the associated feelings:

Red – Red is for a warm, energizing and electric feeling. 

Blue – Blue for showcasing strength, calmness and corporate look.

Yellow – For excitement and electric feeling. However, be careful when using it as too much use causes distraction. 

Orange – Displays energy, however browsers change this shade when displaying it. You can use it to accentuate certain shades. 

Green – Green for a calm, professional and calming effect. It works great for sites belonging to the financial, business or nature-related industry. 

Black – Though it is used as one of the main colors in web design, it is also quite straining to a reader’s eye so it needs to be used in a perfect ratio.

Gray – Gray is also used for displaying strength, power, and calmness. Gray is used commonly in web design as it goes well with the other shades.

White – White may not be considered as color, however, it is mostly used as a negative space so that users can focus on the rest of the website. Without a proper white space, your users are going to be overwhelmed and may just turn away.

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