Top 5 Tokens That May Disrupt the Market in 2022

Altcoin season is growing at a tremendous pace and there have been significant developments around this topic. Bitcoin Era will take you through the latest updates as some of the digital currencies have already made history with their performance in the real world. Polkadot is at its all-time high and the prices of all such tokens have nearly doubled in the recent past.

Here are some of the top tokens that the markets will have to watch out for:

#1 Axie Infinity

Millions of users flock towards this platform year on year and the token of Axie Infinity is gaining significant ground lately. The entire concept of Axie Infinity is quite similar to the widely renowned anime “Pokemon.” The new installments to the game have garnered a substantial base of online players that get attracted to the new features introduced by the companies.

Players from all over the world take a great interest in making it big in the game and the new AXC token continues to set records. The coin was traded at $142 and it all happened in just a matter of 24 hours. It will only be prudent for investors to stock up on all the projects that have to do with the AXC token.


When it comes to the GameFi segment, players can easily spot the difference as TFL has a lot of new advancements to offer to its users. NFT marketplace is also set to be launched in the near future. Players can also leverage the options to earn while they play which is one of the predominant perks that anyone looks forward to. A gaming Metaverse is also being worked upon in the same domain and users will be able to use their respective crypto wallets.

The entire gaming industry is making significant advancements and iGaming is yet another segment that is witnessing considerable growth. New tokenomics will become entirely functional by the end of this year, 2022. Hence, investors follow the recent trends that stem from the TFL ecosystem.

#3 Celo

Celo is known for providing affordable solutions which are relatively simpler & cheaper to incorporate. Smartphone users can leverage this opportunity to make the most out of it in real-time as Celo continues to mend all the loopholes. As far as the ecosystem functionality is concerned, Celo remains at the top list as it delivers highly scalable solutions and crypto payments become incredibly easier.


Cryptocurrencies can be transferred easily through digital wallets at a faster rate and users can be well-assured of the security that Celo has in store for its users. The company is also working to launch their respective Stablecoins which will help them to entrench themselves in the crypto industry. All the banking systems that are currently underdeveloped will be streamlined through Celo down the line.


Avalanche blockchain is a new trend that is helping millions of users today to successfully navigate through the crypto ecosystem. It offers reasonable scalability and users will be able to leverage the benefit of reduced gas payments. The previous problems that used to be encountered in the network. The company has made inroads into the traditional systems and they have already successfully developed 3 blockchains.

Such blockchains help AVAX tokens to perform significantly better in the real market and that is exactly what has been witnessed in the recent past. No commission is charged on this platform which is yet another perk that stems from AVAX.


Sandbox company is at the helm of this token that continues to make continuous headlines in the crypto industry. The SAND token is a great example of what tokens are actually capable of and they are being used as a payment method. Such methods are incredibly easier to incorporate and it all got a significant push ever since the advent of Metaverse left an indelible imprint on the digital ecosystem.

Users will be able to build houses, buy land, open virtual schools & stores. Such users will also be able to earn real cryptocurrency and as per the latest statistics, SAND has already gained a 10% hike in its overall value.

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