Top 5 Minecraft Duplication Glitch That Still Works

Top 5 That Still Works – Every Minecraft player always tries to find a Duplication Glitch in Minecraft to fulfill their requirement. So, to resolve your problem here we are with amazing top 5 glitches of Minecraft to duplicate your desired times. This is the list of Minecraft Duplication glitches that works perfectly all the time.

Maybe these Minecraft Duplication Glitch are left unresolved so that players play in searching mode to get a glitch and make the duplication of their favorite item? What’s your opinion, fill it in the comment box, we will wait for your response. First, let us see that dupe in Minecraft? after that we have a pro tip for you.


Let’s see the powerful 5 glitches for what you are looking for. We will start with the basic and common ones and go to some advance and more beneficiary ones.

Rail Duplication

Rail Duplication Glitch – Rail duper has been in the game for a long time. The duper makes building long railways much easier than ever. Watch the video clip to get the exact method to make a Rail Minecraft duplication glitch machine. (Scroll down to get the video)

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Carpet Duplication

Carpet Minecraft – Carpet can be a good fuel source because they can be easily used in furnaces. Now by this glitch, you can manufacture as many carpets as per your requirement to burn your furnaces regularly. You can watch the video given at the bottom of this post to know exactly you can make this Carpet Duplicate machine. With the video visualization, you can learn the method quickly. This duper can be scaled up to produce a lot more carpets than you probably need.

Inventory Duplication

Inventory Duplication – This one is the most interesting. We suggest trying this in a separate world because this is too Overpowered in the short OP to use in the main survival world. Follow the below steps carefully:-

Carpet Minecraft Duplication Glitch Minecraft
Carpet Minecraft Duplication Glitch Minecraft
  • Before starting the process to get this make sure you have task manager open in the background of the game.
  • Now choose the item you want to duplicate and simply put them in your inventory.
  • Let suppose you want to duplicate 3 shulker boxes of gold.
  • Next Up, make sure that the pause on lost focus is disabled i.e F3 + P.
  • When all these done, then do a quick relog to your world.
  • Again when you join back to the world quickly drop your items and press alt-tab on the keyboard to open the task manager.
  • Within the task manager quickly ends the java task that stands for Minecraft.
  • Now reopen your game.
  • After re-entering the game you will find that your item has been duplicated automatically. There will be no ghost blocks and everything works perfectly.

Tripwire Hook Duplication

Tripwire Hook – The tripwire hook duping can be automated with some Redstone. See the video to get the process to make Tripwire Hook Duplication.

Now just step on the string and you will see that you will get more back than you break. You can also automate this. F3 + T trick can be used to AFK (away from keyboard) the duper.

Gravity Block Duplication

Gravity Block Duplication Glitch – Watch the video clip to see how exactly the gravity block duper works and how you can make it easily. Here is a pro tip for you that the dragon egg duper is a bit different but has the same idea. You can also replace the eggs with anvils if you want to dupe them.

If you want to duplicate the scaffoldings then just put some fences under the end portal. Then go up at least 5 blocks from the portal and start falling the scaffolding in the portal. To see the live example, play the video given below.

Here is the video clip submission of all these Top 5 Minecraft Duplication Glitch That Still Works :-

There was also a TNT Duplication glitch Minecraft. But now it was removed by the developers. If you never tried that little bit of dangerous TNT Duplication, then don’t be upset. You just need to subscribe to a website notification to get the latest updates regarding Minecraft instantly.

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Bottom Line – Minecraft Duplication Glitch

Guys comment down the duplication method that you like the most and why you liked it the most, we will wait for your comment. If you have any questions then put them in the bottom line and we will reach to you. Until the next post subscribes to our notification to get it instantly.

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