Do’s and Don’ts of Social Automation for Getting Real Instagram Followers

If you are one of the many Instagram users, then you may have noticed that you can attract more likes and comments if you post under the most popular hashtags. Sometimes, you may also do a random check of the most mysterious profiles on Instagram to identify that they have many thousands of followers and growing. They appear to be influencers, and most impressively, they may be following only a hundred or so accounts, and you can also be one of them. So, you also may instantly tend to appreciate it by following them back.

However, on checking after a while, you may find out that you are no longer left on their radar. It may be the act of a bot for follow/unfollow. There had been thousands of followers for that account, and you were one among them. However, if you think that fame on social media is all about amassing fake followers or automated likes, it is not. When done properly, you can get real Instagram followers for your profile. Next, let’s discuss some key things to be noted about Instagram automation.

Do’s of Instagram automation

  • Do schedule the posts strategically. Doing so will make sure that you are posting it on the best time of the week to be reached to more people. Automation tools like Hootsuite can be effectively used for building real Instagram followers.
  • Do spend some every day by checking the top trending posts with your most relevant industry hashtags. Check the account profile of these posts and ignore those who are following only a few accounts irrespective of having thousands of followers.
  • Do follow back the authentic followers and always try to interact with such followers about their daily content. Try to repost the content of your most important followers once in a while. You will slowly find them returning the favor by engaging more effectively with your content too.
Social Automation for Getting Real Instagram Followers
Social Automation for Getting Real Instagram Followers

Don’t of Instagram automation

  • Don’t be in a hurry to try all types of bots for likes and following. Many of the unprofessional Instagram bot services may be doing violation of the Instagram user or API use policies, which may ultimately put you in trouble.
  • Don’t buy followers from inauthentic providers. Always make sure that you build real Instagram followers.
  • Don’t ever use the spammy hashtags like #likeforlike or #followforfollow, etc., which brands used to do in the past. You also may not use the baseline follow/unfollow bots too.
  • Don’t try to set up Instagram automation in any unnatural way. Even when you automate this, it should look like real human activity as it comes from the same IP and done in an exact way as to how natural posting.
  • Don’t rely on the inexperienced social automation managers to take up your campaigns. When considering third-party service providers for your social media promotional activities, ensure that your provider is well-versed in setting up and managing human-looking automation campaigns.

There are plenty of professional Instagram tools available now, which you need to choose very carefully in order to get the best benefits of automation.

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