The Consequences Of Not Shutting Down Your PC Properly

PC Turning something off is usually pretty simple. Whether it’s rotating the key or flicking the switch, it’s just a piece of cake, isn’t it? But for some reason turning off your computer is quite a complicated ordeal. I mean it isn’t difficult to press ‘Start’ and then ‘Shut Down’ or tap the button on your PC. But for some reason, instead of your PC turning off instantly, it goes through a series of events that may last up to minutes before it finally powers down. Sometimes forcing your computer to shut down can cause damage and may force you to get your PC repaired and for that matter, Augusta Computer Experts in Atlanta GA are the perfect solution for you.

Why You Shouldn’t Force Shut Down Your PC?

You must wonder why can’t I flick the switch off or hold down the button for 5 seconds to force an instant shut down. It turns out that this is a method to the madness. When you press down the shutdown button, your PC goes through a series of steps primarily designed to protect your data. Killing the power abruptly while you have unsaved work means that that work is lost for good. Even though some modern programs have the inbuilt AutoSave feature, they are far from perfect. One of the delays you might face while shutting it down is the PC prompting you to save anything you might have open like a Word document or an image that you’re editing.

Your operating system passes signals to the running programs and services that it’s time to power down, this is important because these programs and services may be in the middle of writing data to your disk. It can be anything from a program update or a file download. You run the very real risk of your data being corrupted if you just power off your computer without warning. It’s just like yanking the cake out of the oven before it’s done. The half-written data may not be anything that your computer could use productively. You might also damage other files that are written in cache or a nearby physical location of your device. Fortunately, file systems used by modern versions of Window known as NTFS has a feature called ‘journaling’ which uses a log of data changes to reduce the risk of corruption.

The Consequences Of Not Shutting Down Your PC Properly
The Consequences Of Not Shutting Down Your PC Properly

One of the biggest reasons why people force a system resets is that system updates take an eternity when you need to wrap up some work and go to sleep. Well, there’s a reason why your screen explicitly tells you not to turn off the screen. During a typical power loss, you are likely to lose a little bit of unsaved work but forcing your PC to turn off during a system update can cause some very detrimental damage to your PC and it might even prevent it from booting back up. I would suggest to plug your PC into a UPS or making sure that you have a fully charged laptop during updates.

Basically to sum it up, unless your computer is hopelessly frozen and blunt and then you have no choice but to completely kill its power, make sure that you shut down your computer properly. It gonna take a little more time but trust me, it’s a lot easier to get it reinstalled or the windows trying to recover a saved game that you’ve dumped 100 hours into.

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Consequences Of Shutting Down PC

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