Stablecoins: The Secret Behind Its Popularity

The number of people investing in digital money is restricted due to the volatility of cryptocurrencies. These drastic and uncertain price changes become a barrier to adopting the crypto trading platforms as a part of mainstream transaction systems. For other info visit at. The users and the merchants do not wish to include cryptocurrencies in their business whenever an item’s cost changes radically after a couple of days.

It is where stablecoins make their way into the scenario where the values are clubbed to one another with highly stable assets like gold or USD. You can start trading on British bitcoin profit. Stablecoins are the safest place for crypto users to safeguard their holdings against the volatile market.

The stablecoins maintain their price because their price pegs with the fiat currency or other assets like gold. Their value remains stable irrespective of whatever happens in the digital currencies market and its broader spectrum of the economy that uses various modes.

Overview of Stablecoins

A stablecoin is a digital currency attached to the value of external possessions. This attachment ensures that stablecoin constantly shows its value of being attached to an external asset which in a huge number of cases is the main fiat currency issued by centralized institutions.

Stablecoins use their attachments as offerings to the users with the stability of value included in their trades, payments, and investments. It goes beyond the subject of Defi or the decentralized finance systems as the major currencies are non-volatile compared to their conventional counterparts like Ether or bitcoin.

To date, stablecoins have astonishingly been one of the attached values to the US dollar, although the USD is reining the reserve currency around the globe.

Stablecoins exist according to their specialized standards for the tokens, with ERC-721 of Ethereum being the fungible standard for tokens, easily attaining greater fame for being implemented as stablecoins in the crypto market. However, some stablecoins are attached to other fiat money and commodities. These coins are distributed through smart contracts on blockchain networks like Ethereum.

Varied forms of Stablecoins

There are a lot of stablecoins available in the market. They can be categorised based on the below categories.

Commodity or fiat-backed stablecoins

The first and most prominent methodology involved here is to back up every stablecoin supply with equal values of cash or fiat currencies.

Taking into concern for each circulation of a stablecoin, an equal value of 1 USD is kept as a holding in the bank accounts of the US that the issuer owns. These holdings are audited routinely by individualized accounting companies, mainly monthly basis, with details of every holding that prominently gets published for public view.

Stablecoins backed by cryptos.

stable coins explained
stablecoins explained

The other most identical way to mainly the fixed price of the stablecoin is by collating itself to crypto, where the stablecoins get backed by the reserves of other digital currencies. But, since these currencies are extremely volatile compared to fiat money, the stablecoins backed by the cryptocurrencies are generally collateralized at higher amounts to maintain their peg whenever the market is volatile.

How do Stablecoins assist in making money?

If you plan to make money using stablecoins, you can use them for lending, borrowing, and offering liquidities in Defi.


Lenders can start lending the stablecoins to earn interest from their borrowers through the decentralized protocols that involve lending. The users can start depositing the stablecoins like USDC, USDT, or DAI using the famous protocols in lending into the projects powered through smart contracts in the lending pools. At this moment, the lenders start earning interest based on the asset they supply.


Borrowers can use these stablecoins as collaterals in the decentralized credit platforms for borrowing digital currencies. It relies entirely on you on what you can do with the borrowed fund; however, with a single possibility to reinvest the borrowings into the Decentralized finance system for earning greater yields.

Offering liquidities

The LPs or the liquidity providers start supplying the stablecoins into the pools of liquidity of the different decentralized exchanges to earn a part of their trading fees against the deposits made. The LPs start earning these fees depending on the pro-rata, following the liquidity value they supplied to a specific pool of liquidities.

Buying Stablecoins

If you plan on purchasing stablecoins, you can start trading for them across the different centralized digital currency exchanges. You can switch them to the decentralized crypto exchange in this market.

Since there are various who directly issue the exchanges on their own, the stablecoins are massively available if you plan on buying them. If you wish to start purchasing stablecoins, then your initial step is to select a reliable crypto exchange, create your profile, pick a wallet and enter the amount you wish to buy.

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Final notes

Stablecoins offer the strong ground of being an anonymous, decentralized, and global payment mode identical to digital currencies and involving the consistencies in their values that are the same as any stable fiat money. It creates a buffer that limits the impact of loss in the crypto market.

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