Woodfire Heaters | Simple Guide to Buy Woodfire Heaters

Winter is beautiful, and everybody loves to cuddle up and watch movies together in the evening. The living room is where you connect with family and share your happiness, especially during weekends and vacations. And, to warm up the living space, a natural heat source is required, and there is no better option than the woodfire heaters

These heaters are the best option if you long for a natural heating system indoors. The comfort of snuggling in front of the fireplace is so romantic, and if there are kids in the house, snuggling together on the couch for a late-night movie is the best thing you can do on weekends. There’s no doubt that every household needs woodfire heaters, and many have no idea about the checklist for buying a top-quality heater.

Here are the crucial things you must know before you buy a heater.

Size of the room you need to make warm.

The size of the heater will be determined by the size of the place you are planning to install it: the bigger the area, the bigger the heater. A three-bedroom home with a separate lounge and dining will need a bigger heater than a house with two bedrooms, lounge, and dining.

Single vs double story house

The hot air from the heater will always rise; hence, always install the heater on the ground floor. When you are installing the heater in a place, always consider what’s about the installation place. There is no doubt that the area above the heater will warm up quickly and may overheat. Remove any photos or ceiling decorations from above the ceiling.

Ceiling heights

The ceiling height is also crucial if you are planning to buy woodfire heaters because the hot air must be able to spread across the room, and if you have a big heater for a small room/house, it will always warm up the room more than the required temperature. And rooms with tall ceilings will require bigger heaters.

Type of flooring

The flooring plays a vital role in keeping the room warm or cool. Carpets can contain heat for a long period, but floorboards tiled to cement floors will absorb the heat quickly. Hence, you might need a large heater. Large woodfire heaters are a common sight in vintage homes in countrysides and old towns.

Floorings such as ceramic, porcelain, marble, granite, etc., will stay cool in summer and winter as well. And the floorings that will stay warm are carpet, luxury vinyl, area rugs, cork flooring, etc.

Availability of Powerpoint

A convection-style wood heater will be fitted with fans, and it’ll give you extra control of how much warmth is being circulated. These tips will be beneficial when you go shopping for a woodfire heater.

Radiant heater vs Convection heater

Radiant or convection heat is used in wood heaters. A radiant heater should be ideal for a space with a high ceiling. It radiates heat in all directions and transfers heat to the surrounding via air. For rooms with typical ceiling heights, a convection heater is preferable. It sucks in cool air from its surroundings and returns warm air currents. It takes a bit longer to heat the room than radiant heaters, but it stays warm for a long time.

Now that you have this information go and buy a perfect woodfire heater for your house.

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