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Royal Q invitation code: NBQEP | Best Crypto trading bot giving only Profits – Royal Q: This year so far was really good for crypto investors. Popular coins like Bitcoin, dogecoin, ethereum has given multi-bag returns during the peak time in may month. But, now the situation is different. You have to play smartly to keep your money growing. One of the smart ways is to use the Royal Q crypto trading bot. Royal Q is the best crypto trading bot giving only profit. If you are looking for a Royal Q invitation code then it’s NBQEP.

This year many new people jumped into the crypto market given the lockdown and all. You may be one of them. New people usually don’t know much about the market and start putting money in whatever they see rising, Which is a perfect scenario for pump and dump scheme coins. So, either you need to gain lots of knowledge or take the help of any smart tool before starting. Currently, the smartest tool for crypto trading is royal Q. Let’s see what is royal Q that people are using to gain lots of profit.

What is Royal Q? | What is Royal Q robot ?

In most simple terms, Royal Q is a semi-automated crypto trading mobile application that will assist you in trading various cryptocurrencies and make profits only. Royal Q is also famous as the Royal Q crypto trading bot. Founded in Malaysia, royal Q gained a lot of popularity in just a few months of release in various Asian countries including China, Taiwan, India, etc. All thanks to its AI technology and awesome trading system.

Royal Q works by attaching to the Binance or Huboi global APIs. After attachment, it does the trading on behalf of the user who is using it. User has the full control of the trading strategy and the coin selections on which the trading will happen. All trading and funds will be there in your crypto exchange platform that is Binance or Huobi global not on royal Q. Royal Q will just give buy and sell calls automatically based on the set strategy. Also, Royal Q cannot withdraw or transfer your funds, which ensures safety and security.

Royal Q Registration Steps| Royal Q Invitation Code: NBQEP

In this section of the post, we will see how to make a Royal Q account and start automated trading.

As I have said already royal Q works with a crypto exchange platform. So, you must have an activated Binance or Huboi global account in order to start using Royal Q. Let’s see the easy steps now.

Step 1: Be ready with your crypto exchange account, either Binance or Huboi global

Step 2: Click on the below button to open the Royal Q Registration form

Step 3: Enter your email and click on “Send verification code“. Now check email to get the verification code and put it in the form

royal q invitation code
Royal Q registration

Step 4: Set & confirm a login password. And for the invitation code make sure it is “NBQEP“.

Step 5: Click on “Register” button. A puzzle will pop up, complete the puzzle by dragging the slider. And you’re done!!

Now, your registration on royal Q is completed. After successful registration, you will be redirected to the app download page. The next step is to download the app from the play store or app store and activate your account. Choose “App store” or “google play store” as per your phone. Let’s see the activation process.

For more guidance and help, I recommend you to join our ‘RoyalQ Avengers’ WhatsApp group: Royal Q Whatsapp Group

Steps to Activate the Royal Q Account

Your registration for the Royal Q account is complete, Now It’s time to activate it and link with your Binance or Huboi global account. The activation of the Royal Q account comprises a one-time fee of 120$ for one year. Along with the registration fee, you should add an additional 20$ to the Royal Q account for trading profit charges as Royal Q cannot take it from your Binance or Huobi global funds. So, a total of 120$ is needed for the activation of the Royal Q account.

Taking about the crypto exchange platforms, if you don’t have a Binane account, you can follow this tutorial: Open Binance account

I know, you are not feeling like reading written text instructions anymore, right? So, for you, we have searched some good youtube tutorials in both Hindi and English language. Please watch the below video tutorial for Royal Q account activation and crypto exchange account linkage.

Royal Q account activation and API binding tutorial in Hindi:

For our English readers, below is the video tutorial for Royal Q account activation and API binding in English:

So, this sums up the whole process of Royal Q account registration and activation. Now, the next thing is to set up the bot to do automated trading for you. For that, you have two options either to choose your coins & settings by going into the “Qnatitative” page of the app or just copy the strategy of other big traders by going into the “Circle” option. If you are new to the crypto world or don’t want to bang your head doing extensive research, I suggest you go with the “Circle” option.

For more guidance and help, I recommend you to join our ‘RoyalQ Avengers’ WhatsApp group: Royal Q Whatsapp Group
In the next post, I will tell you the best coins and strategies to easily gain around 10% to 40% returns on your investment.

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