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Cryptocurrencies began as a concept that would reach the world economy to solve inflationary crises and the problems that the traditional market drags due to the massive cash generation. Other than this If you want to invest in bitcoins then you can visit online trading platforms like

A technology-based financial tool that aims to ensure that economic and financial processes are carried out efficiently and timely without the intervention of third parties, that is decentralized processes. The first users and connoisseurs of the blockchain platform and cryptocurrencies were young people who handled the computing environment and information technology, thus making it easier to understand the processes.

These same young people have been in charge of significantly promoting the use, management, and adoption of cryptocurrencies, among which many have acquired wealth since they fully understand the performance of digital currencies. That is where opinions tend to come together about the fact that recent generations are the ones who rule the roost when it comes to leadership and knowledge of information technologies.

It does not imply that people of other ages cannot handle the cryptographic language and environment, only that it may be a little more complex. These youth tend to have optimistic thoughts regarding the future of society and finances. Moreover, regarding technology, they consider cryptocurrencies as the transcendental way to modify the traditional economic system.

How Did The Interest Of Entrepreneurs In Bitcoin Originate?

During the pandemic, many people under 40 began to invest in the stock market, and there they realized a financial system that only seemed functional for a small group of investors.

The exciting thing is that from the constant preparation and search for new forms of investment that could be the cure for the economic crisis that invaded many countries where unemployment rates increased, and family income decreased, Bitcoin emerged.

These same people years ago, when cryptocurrencies emerged, did not pay attention to them, and in many cases, they focused on the aspects of risk and volatility. They were not allowed to know in depth about the concept they brought with them.

If we had indeed paid attention to when Bitcoin emerged and decided to invest, the story of Bitcoin millionaires would include many more.

Characteristics Of Bitcoin Entrepreneurs

Most of the entrepreneurial investors that are around the financial market are characterized by having qualities that, for many, are difficult to find; among some of them, we find:

  • Solid knowledge of Blockchain technology
  • The fear of risk is shallow
  • Aspects such as volatility and lack of support do not inhibit them from making investments.
  • They are daring
  • They desire to know and prepare for the most up-to-date topics in all social spheres.

These characteristics define the profile that entrepreneurial cryptocurrency investors have to date. In short, nothing stops them; they usually remain active and await new opportunities and changes that will surely generate significant returns.

how to trade cryptocurrencies
how to trade cryptocurrencies

Some Of The Crypto Entrepreneurs

Youth surrounds cryptocurrencies, which is why projects have emerged from these that have marked a milestone after Bitcoin, from a technological and financial impact perspective.

Charlie Shred

A young man of North American nationality is considered one of the business people who had led the most battles with the American State, in favour of Bitcoin, since before operations with cryptocurrencies were regarded as illegal use and purposes.

In recent statements, he assumed that after being sentenced and currently being released, he would allow following his passion for cryptocurrencies and technological advances.

Vitalik Buterin

Another young promise that joins the cryptocurrency platforms of Russian origin, this programmer of only 28 years of age, is the co-founder of the second most important cryptocurrency in the world, Ethereum. This promise of cryptocurrencies usually says that Ethereum technology is based on what Bitcoin refers to but could be considered evolution.

Jihan Wow

He is known as the founder of the cryptocurrency mining hardware equipment company Bitmain. Its beginnings were based on elaborating and developing projects related to cryptocurrencies. These mining equipment have led him to position them as the best and most used by miners worldwide.


Crypto entrepreneurs are so many that it would be difficult to name them all. Still, it is relevant to consider that we are in an era completely different from previous ones, where technology and digital operations are the ones that lead the market.

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