Instagram to Create a Visual Literacy to Communicate Through Social Media

Social media plays a significant role in communicating with people, and that does not involve only friends or family. It involves almost all types of communications made by people from all walks of life such as:

  • Business communication with customers and clients
  • Journalists
  • Researchers
  • Scientists and more.

People can come to know a lot of things and gather information about everything, tangible and intangible, under the sky. They can know about:

  • The weather
  • Current affairs and news
  • Any study topics
  • Entertainment
  • Games
  • Products and services
  • People and more.

Therefore, social media overall is the most powerful tool for science, business, or general communication. There are different social media channels that may come in different names and with different features but the purpose of all remains the same.

Instagram is no different with the only difference that this mobile app is essential for sharing, liking and commenting on a photo and a video rather than textual content. Among all other social media platforms available for sharing of visual content and info, Instagram is the simplest one to use.

You will not need an exclusive camera or possess any video or photography skills to use it. The features and tools of this app will do everything, well, almost, for you to gain more Instagram followers.

Learning from the features

There are lots of Instagram features. All innovative and useful will help you to learn and lot and implement it in your communication. Making the best of the social media features such as:

  • Stories
  • Insights
  • Posting

All these features will help in your learning and experimentation. These features will enable you to:

  • Create contents to post that is customized for the target audiences to meet their specific needs and demands according to their demographics and
  • You can create social media ads for Facebook and Instagram as well and run them to gain maximum mileage and engagement.

When you advertise both on Facebook, and Instagram, combined with the help of the Facebook Ads Manager, you will be able to run all your ads from there and will also be able to build new audiences and manage all of them as well.

The list of custom audiences that you can create within Facebook includes:

  • You can create a list of the standard custom audiences that you can create based on the emails, phone numbers, and Facebook user IDs
  • You can also create a website custom audience list based on the traffic count to your website for a set time period
  • A custom audience list based on the actions that the users take within the app
  • Build a Facebook audience using the offline activity like conversations in a physical store or info available from the spreadsheet and
  • An audience from Facebook and Instagram engagement with your posts, videos, profile, and events.

Once you have your list of the audience, you can set the strategy to make the most out of them

Using Instagram Platform

If you take a look at Instagram, you will know exactly why it is considered to be the best medium for communication among the social audience, irrespective of the fact that this is exclusively a photo-sharing app wherein you cannot add any text apart from in your profile bio.

Useful as it is, Instagram keeps things simple. It has:

  • Muted color themes and tones
  • No ads
  • Minimum buttons and most importantly
  • A single photo on the screen at a time.

This means that you will get a tremendous opportunity to grab the attention of the audience truly and communicate your message. This makes Instagram one of the most powerful platforms for business owners and marketers to create a distinct identity and an awesome online presence and impact.

Development of Instagram

Over the years, Instagram has developed dramatically. With the inclusion of new features in it, the platform has become a truly powerful platform for establishing a connection with the users and communicating the message of any kind.

There is also a lot of research conducted to make it perform even better. Recently, there has been a research conducted on how Instagram is getting rid of the likes on the photos and other posts and how it could affect the mental health of the users.

  • In this method, only the holder of the Instagram account will be able to see the numbers, but the followers won’t, well, not automatically at least.
  • The holder, however, will be able to click and see the people who liked their post but will have to manually count the names in the list.

Though it is run on a trial basis now, experts think that this is a bold and necessary move to make Instagram communication more effective. Experts think that getting a smaller number of likes can be detrimental to the mental health of the users. Therefore, it will be the answer to the growing concern regarding the effects of social media on mental health and self-esteem of the young generation.

Growing Youth Culture Through Visual Literacy

Social media, Instagram, in particular, is the mode of growing youth culture with visual literacy. The picture-sharing platform has had a tremendous impact on the digital world by developing a common societal culture. This is facilitated by technological developments such as smartphones making Instagram so popular among the millennials.

The theoretical framework of Instagram includes:

  • Culturally Relevant Pedagogy
  • A Critical Feminism and
  • Digital Visual Literacy.

This framework actually helps the people, especially the users of Instagram, to understand all the ways in which social media has influenced and impacted the lives of common people as well as changed the concept of business marketing in this modern age of technology, computers, and the internet.

The emerging culture and Instagram have become the virtual component giving rise to a new identity through which communicators can establish a digital culture in a space that is not restricted by time or location.

Therefore, with all these benefits and features of Instagram, there is no prize for guessing why this is the most popular platform amongst all social media networks.

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