How to Maintain your Garden Properly?

Gardening is a healthy activity. The fresh air, natural beauty, and the enriched oxygen make a garden one of the most soothing areas of our home. But the daily busy lifestyle makes it difficult to maintain your garden. Moreover, the neglected garden is a home for weeds and pests. If you have just moved to Dallas, chances are the home you may have bought or rented (through a website such as TXHighrisers) would have a rough garden. Here is some amazing and easy garden maintaining tips, you can follow to keep your garden healthy and attractive.

1.    Add compost

Soil is the medium through which plant feeds. You need to feed soil first so that plants get their proper food. Break the hardpan or clods of soil using a shovel. Then mix manure or compost to the soil. It should be applied about 12 inches into the soil.

2.    Remove weeds

Garden should be free of weeds before plantation. If you have a developed garden then try to remove all the weeds from the garden on time.  Weeds make the garden look poor as well as feed on the nutrients. Pluck the weeds manually using a weeding trowel or you can spray pesticides for this purpose.

3.    Pruning

Pruning is an activity to remove the dead tips of the plants to enhance growth. You should prune your plants and trees regularly. This practice not only improves the looks of the garden but also makes the plant healthy. Trim the dead plants, remove the diseased plants and prune the trees on time.

4.    Remove debris

Remove the diseased plants and the plants that are no more productive. The bugs and pests use debris to hide in the garden. Dispose the debris out of the garden on time. This will make your garden look clean attractive and healthy.

5.    Watering

Water is a source of nutrients for the plants. So, the garden needs water at a specific time. You should water your garden regularly. Do it early morning or at evening. This time is good for irrigation as evaporation is low. Over-watering is also bad for your garden as it will lead to mold formation.  Do not walk on the wet garden as it will leave your food prints on the grass which will look bad later on.

6.    Mulching

Mulching is the application of organic materials on the soil surface that will reduce the evaporation rate and weed formation. Moreover, organic mulch is also a source of nutrients upon decomposition. It also keeps the soil moisten. You are not required to by wood chips or plastic cover from the market. You can just use the garden plants which are no more required and place it on the soil surface.

7.    Pest control

Get rid of the insects and harmful bugs from your garden. Their presence damages the plants and create an opening for bacteria, fungi, and other pests to enter and cause plant infection. You should keenly observe the presence of any harmful bugs while working in the garden. If you find any, use pesticides or remove the insects manually, to avoid big damage.

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