How to Find the Kinetic Boomerang in Fortnite?

Fortnite Chapter 4 introduced players to the exciting concept of Kinetic Ore (Kinetic Boomerang) , a rock with unique properties that can be weaponized. In Season 2, players witnessed the creation of the Kinetic Blade, and now, in Season 3, they have the opportunity to wield the Kinetic Boomerang. This guide will provide all the necessary information for players to locate and effectively use the Kinetic Boomerang against both enemy players and the dangerous wildlife found in the jungle of Fortnite’s Battle Royale.

Where to Find the Kinetic Boomerang

Despite its Epic rarity, acquiring the Kinetic Boomerang in Fortnite shouldn’t pose too much of a challenge for gamers. This versatile weapon can be found as regular floor loot scattered throughout the map or by searching Boomerang stands.

One of the primary locations to discover the Kinetic Boomerang is at Shady Stilts, a jungle point of interest (POI) introduced at the beginning of Chapter 4 Season 3. Within Shady Stilts, players will come across various Boomerang stands strategically placed throughout the area. These stands serve as hotspots for the Kinetic Boomerang. To obtain one, simply approach a stand and press and hold the “search” option. This action will trigger the release of the Kinetic Boomerang, causing it to fall to the ground, ready to be picked up and utilized in battles.

Where to Find the Kinetic Boomerang
Where to Find the Kinetic Boomerang

It’s important to note that the Kinetic Boomerang is the only loot that can be retrieved from these special stands. As such, players should keep an eye out for them when exploring Shady Stilts or other jungle-themed locations on the map.

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For those who prefer a more straightforward approach or are unable to find the Kinetic Boomerang through regular loot or the stands, there is an alternative method. The Guardian Amara, a notable NPC, is located at Brutal Bastion in the northeastern part of the map. This reliable vendor sells the Kinetic Boomerang for 250 gold bars. By spending the required amount, players can secure the Kinetic Boomerang directly from the Guardian Amara, ensuring a guaranteed acquisition without the need for exploration or chance encounters.

How to Use the Kinetic Boomerang

The Kinetic Boomerang operates similarly to any other boomerang, but with the added twist of Kinetic Ore properties. Once in possession of the Kinetic Boomerang, players can unleash its power in battle, utilizing its unique features and mechanics.

To wield the Kinetic Boomerang effectively, players must understand its core functionality. When ready to strike, players can throw the Kinetic Boomerang by pressing the designated shoot button or keybind. After a short flight, the boomerang will automatically return to the player. This feature allows for versatile gameplay strategies, as the returning boomerang can catch opponents off guard or disrupt their movements.

However, what sets the Kinetic Boomerang apart from a conventional boomerang is its special ability to recall. Players can trigger the recall function by pressing the target button or keybind while the boomerang is in mid-flight. Upon triggering the recall, the Kinetic Boomerang will generate a small explosion just before returning to the player. This explosive effect can catch opponents by surprise, potentially dealing damage or creating opportunities for strategic maneuvers.

In terms of damage, the Kinetic Boomerang inflicts 60 damage to opponents and 100 damage to structures. While it may not have the highest damage output compared to other available weapons, its trajectory provides the advantage of scanning a wider area. This allows players to cover more ground and potentially hit multiple targets simultaneously.

Power of the Kinetic Boomerang
Power of the Kinetic Boomerang

Mastering the use of the Kinetic Boomerang requires practice and understanding of its unique mechanics. Experiment with different throwing angles and recall timings to maximize its effectiveness in battles.

Fortnite, with its widespread availability across various platforms such as Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S, provides players with ample opportunities to experience the thrill of wielding the Kinetic Boomerang in their battles. So gear up, venture into the Fortnite universe, and make the most of this incredible weapon!

Embrace the Power of the Kinetic Boomerang

The Kinetic Boomerang is a unique and powerful weapon that can turn the tide of battle in your favor. Its ability to strike from a distance, recall with explosive force, and inflict substantial damage make it a sought-after weapon among Fortnite players.

As you venture into the world of Fortnite, keep your eyes peeled for the Kinetic Boomerang. Explore various locations, search for floor loot, and interact with Boomerang stands to increase your chances of obtaining this incredible weapon. Once you have it in your possession, hone your skills, and master its mechanics to dominate your opponents and secure victory on the battlefield.

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