How To Become An IT Technician?

For every business or personal user, the computer has become an integral and essential part of everyday life, but what do you do when the piece of hardware or software, or a networking problem occurs with your computer. Many people are unable to fix things by themselves. It’s the time where the value of an IT technician becomes apparent as their job is to resolve the problems faced by computer users. IT support technicians can run diagnostic programs and use specialized equipment to find out why a computer isn’t functioning correctly.

IT technicians provide a variety of services to their employers, from resolving minor issues on computers to ordering new computer hardware. Day-to-day IT technicians will often work on diagnosing computer problems, fixing them and explaining it to the customers or clients and also work with helpdesk ticketing solutions.

Things required to become an IT Technician:

No qualification needed to become a computer service technician, but excellent IT and technical need for this job.  To become a competent IT support technician, one must have a detailed understanding of networks, operating system, and computer firmware. Excellent analytical skills, problem-solving skills, communication skills, practical techniques, and customer service skills added benefits. You can improve your chances of finding a job by getting an electronics engineering or computer engineering qualification at college. 

Also, you can start an internship with an IT company. Some of the companies may also require their IT technicians to hold certifications in the products the companies are using.

IT technician job description:

You must have a broad knowledge of operating systems and understand how a software and hardware work to become an IT support technician, as well as networking does. Technicians must be excellent communicators, as they will have to explain about problems and their solutions clearly to people who may have very little technical knowledge. 

Work may be carried out remotely via email, phone, or by using web-based applications or could be done on a company’s site. Their job on a day-to-day basis would usually include:

  1. Obtaining details of faults and errors by interacting with users
  2. Working out on why the failure has occurred and explained the solution to the client
  3. Upgrading existing systems and setting up new ones where ever required
  4. Fixing equipment, including peripherals such as printers and scanners.
  5. Testing out and servicing equipment.
  6. Maintaining a record of problems and solutions to refer to in future
  7. Being responsible for the training of clients.

What IT support technician will do?

Depending on your level of performance within the desktop support ranking, your work will change. Initially, you need to handle inquiries, create tickets, and do troubleshooting. Later on, you will work with simple hardware, software, and network issues or on applications. After gaining all these experience you will be the one who can tackle severe problems and resolve the things. As an IT technician, you should always keep in mind that the field is continuously evolving, that means you’ll have to keep up with changes happening in the industry and update your skills and knowledge. 

Training and Development:

The world of IT changes rapidly, and so it is essential to keep updated with new developments. Graduates with computer studies degree or in related subjects such as any IT-specific qualification or computer science will find that they are in high demand and may quickly progress from being IT support technicians to becoming application managers

There is a wide range of certifications and diplomas that can take at private training institutions or local colleges, either full or part-time. You can pursue to show to your employer or organization that you are ready for a promotion. Some of the certifications include:

  • Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCIPT)
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE)
  • CompTIA A+  Certificate

Become a Computer Technician Today

The first step to becoming a Freelance IT technician is training. If you are considering to study online, it advised that you review through an accredited training provider. By that, you can be confident that your IT Technician training is recognized. IT online learning is Comp TIA accredited and will assist you with a flexible, affordable training option to get you started.

In no more than the next six years, there will be 24,000 jobs available for science and engineering technicians. They are being a large number which should encourage It technicians in all perspectives to continue working towards obtaining required qualifications and better results. Essentially, to support and maintain its networks every organization needs an IT technician. The best IT support technician will always be up to date on the latest and advanced tech developments.

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