How SMS Marketing Solve Challenges Faced By Businesses Today?

How SMS marketing solve challenges faced by businesses today?

Many owners make this mistake of considering as a redundant practice. Even for big corporations, which have big marketing budgets, text message marketing highly beneficial. No matter the size of the setup, SMS marketing campaigns help in the growth of businesses.

To begin with, SMS marketing is a highly reliable and efficient mode of marketing. According to infographics, SMS has a click-through rate of around 19%. On average, people read text messages within 5 seconds of being received. Whether it is about sales on some essential vitamins or Internet service and their promotional plans, chances of them being read are fairly high.

Another important fact that you shouldn’t ignore here is that customers also prefer this marketing method. They would like to be informed about the ongoing sales, promotions, and new launches via a text message. And that’s why they drop their numbers at their favorites shopping places and enter SMS loyalty programs.

Stay put to know hoe SMS marketing can rescue you out of all the marketing challenges which you are facing today. You can boost your sales significantly by incorporating SMS marketing. Let’s know why you should adopt it.

SMS Marketing Is Affordable

Even if you have a small business setup, SMS marketing can still fit in your limited marketing budget. It is cheap especially if you compare them to the advertising agencies. Compared to all other modes of marketing, which you even consider affordable, such as phone calls and snail mail marketing campaigns, SMS marketing is more economical. It is more effective and has greater chances to be seen and read by the customers.

Most of the bulk texting services offer quite affordable rates. By adopting this marketing mode, you can send hundreds and thousands of text messages without having to break your budget. To have the most out of these campaigns, here is a checklist for you:

  • Grow the SMS database lists you have.
  • Promoting your SMS campaign on the other advertising forums you have is a good idea.
  • Including instructions on opting to receive newsletters via email will also help in knowing interested customers.
  • Offer to send updates on customers’ numbers via in-store signage, social media pages, leaflets, official website, and other advertising channels.
  • The longer your list becomes, the more you can take advantage of SMS marketing.
  • To maximize the benefits, run a promotional reward for the customers who share the texts with family and friends.
  • The cost-revenue ratio of SMS marketing is impressive.

SMS Generates Instant Results

SMS marketing actually works. It is effective and efficient. Here are some facts for you to feast on.

  • According to multiple surveys, email is not performing very well. By switching email billings and notifications to sending invoices via text messages, the number of customers can be increased by a massive percentage.
  • The invoices sent via a text message have more chances to get paid by the due date.
  • You can increase your customer database using SMS marketing.
  • You can see a clear boost in your sales.
  • Compared to emails, customers prefer reading text messages because they are short, crisp, and to-the-point. And if they are interested in buying from you, sharing a link in the SMS would do the job.

Benefits for Customer Service

This is a well-known fact that small business setups are known for better customer service. Today, more Americans are willing to spend more with the brands and companies, which they think will provide top-notch customer services. It doesn’t matter to them if it is a small brand or a big one. If you are thinking about how texting makes a business excellent in customer service, here you go:

  • SMS reaches your customers right away and has a great response rate.
  • SMS is great for polling. If you send them a survey about customer service via texting, you are more likely to receive responses.
  • With this high response rate, you can identify the dissatisfactions and drawbacks pointed by clients more easily. Hence, you can ensure a better customer experience.
  • For small business setups, such as a doctor’s clinic, beauty salon, and others, texting can reduce the percentage of missed appointments. A reminder SMS about the forth-coming appointment will be helpful and appreciated by the client.
  • Sending relevant tips and advice via SMS can improve the customer experience. If they are helpful, the customers will value you even more.
  • Texting is a faster way of problem-solving. If your customers are experiencing a problem using your product/service, assisting them via texting is quicker than email and call centers.
  • Setups like travel agencies can benefit from SMS to inform their customers about cancellations and delays. You can help them avoid the hassle and inconvenience of paying a visit to the airport.
  • Personalizing text messages is easy and by addressing the customer with their name makes them feel more valued.
  • With targeted texts based on the customer’s shopping history, you can enlighten them better about upcoming promotions.

Availability of such affordable rates has made SMS marketing quite easy especially for a small startup. For my online business having cox bundles was a lifesaver! We’ll have to agree that with the great potential to deliver impressive results, topped by excellent customer service, the SMS Marketing is an excellent solution!


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