Hamilton Beach Convection Oven Features

When looking for a convection toaster oven, it really does pay to shop around. After all, a convection toaster oven can actually replace your main oven for those smaller jobs; and the convenience is actually worth the money.

We tested a 4.5-pound chicken with the rotisserie (it can handle up to a 5 pound chicken on the rotisserie), and it came out really moist and flavorful. And the rotisserie feature works extremely well.

Here’s how we did it

  • We brined chicken at least 12 hours (24 hours is better) in a mixture of honey, salt, vegetable stock, and various herbs to find a better taste.
  • We lined the bottom of the Hamilton Beach Convection Oven with heavy-duty aluminum foil to catch the fat drippings in an effective way.
  • We skewered and positioned the chicken on the rotisserie forks and mounted everything in the unit.
  • We used a meat thermometer to check the internal temperature of the bird about every 30 minutes for the first 2 hours. After that, we checked the internal temperature about every 10 to 15 minutes to make sure we didn’t overcook the chicken.
  • We pulled it out when the internal temperature (of the thickest part of the chicken breast) reached about 165 degrees.
  • The chicken came out browned very nicely and cooked through about thirty-five minutes faster than a typical (non-convection) kitchen oven.

Overall, the Hamilton Beach Countertop Oven that we just used is a great value for the amount we paid. It is easy to use, the convection feature works particularly well, it is easy to clean, and there is more than enough room in this oven for a complete family meal.

After unpacking this convection toaster over, we were immediately impressed by its attractive stainless steel exterior design; plus, unlike other convection toaster ovens, this unit has a rock-solid design.

Hamilton Beach Convection Oven Features

It is a truly functional unit designed for small spaces, and its countertop footprint allows this convection toaster oven to fit into even the smallest of space. And the included adjustable racks make configuring this toaster oven effortless, regardless of what you choose to cook in it.
Under review is the Hamilton Beach Convection Oven Smart Oven with Element IQ.

Hamilton Beach Convection Oven Is an 1800-watt convection toaster oven.
Has just under 1 cubic foot of nonstick interior space
Uses the “Element IQ technology” for temperature control
It comes with 9 pre-set functions
It contains 5 quartz heating elements
It has a user-friendly control panel with an easy to read LCD screen
Features 3 adjustable rack positions
It also comes with an auto-eject wire rack, a removable crumb tray, a pizza pan, a baking pan, and a broil rack included.
Measures 18-1/2 by 12-1/2 by 10-3/4 inches to fit in even the smallest countertop spaces
It comes with a 1-year limited warranty
The Hamilton Beach Convection Oven – Intelligent Design In A Small Space
The Hamilton Beach Convection Oven with Element IQ is ideal for people with a limited amount of countertop space.

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