A Guide To Understand 7 Types Of Internet Marketing

“The internet makes money for you when you build something that is real and when it matters to people!” ~ Darren Rowse

The internet is a place where everyone is connected to everyone else. It is where the audience gathers and connect with businesses. 

For an entrepreneur, doing business is not just about making relevant products and selling them to the customers; you need proper marketing to be successful at attracting the right customers to the business. This is where the internet marketing comes in to play. 

In this post, we are going to discuss the different channels and platforms you can use to market your business. However, in order to understand them better, let’s discuss the basics of internet marketing. 

What is internet marketing? 

Internet marketing is known to be one of the most powerful tools for promoting and marketing a brand as well as sell products through the online market. It is an effective marketing strategy and doesn’t cost a big fortune to promote a company and generate leads. It comprises of many different marketing tactics which you can use to market your business. 

To get you started with your marketing plan, described below are seven types of internet marketing strategies that can help you to succeed. 

1. Search engine optimization

“This is era of less is more with SEO” ~ Adam Audette

Search engine optimization
Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is a process of reaching to the audience by adjusting the website to improve the organic, free or natural placement in the search results. Search engine optimization consists of on-page factors—inclosing content, the structure of the website, and user-friendliness—as well as off-page factors—including links from other sites, social media shares, and authority. SEO marketing involves adjusting the elements of your website in a way which can be found by Google while making your website present the best experience for visitors. 

2.Pay-per-click (PPC)

 “Be sure to segmentise your campaigns depending on number and type of products your offer” ~ Yorgo Petsas

PPC marketing can be categorized into two different forms: paid search and paid social media marketing. Companies post their ads on search engines or social media platforms and have to pay whenever a potential customer clicks it. However, PPC marketing is one of the most effective internet marketing strategies that can give a dramatic boost in the visibility and sales of the company. 

3. Social media marketing 

“LinkedIn is a channel to increment, not a tool to replace, yours networking efforts and its is an excellent vehicle to facilitating some facets to your marketing and business strategies” ~ Viveka von Rosen

Social media marketing 
Social media marketing

The social media marketing is using social media platforms and website to promote brands and connect with customers. Social media marketing doesn’t really drive sales, but it offers to increase engagement, build link, and brand to attract the attention of the audience, and create a distinguished brand. 

4. Search engine marketing

It is a process of using paid search to gain website traffic. Previously, it was a part of SEO and paid search, but as digital marketing evolved, the term SEM was stopped being used for paid search or SEO marketing but emerged as a distinguished internet marketing strategy. 

5. Content marketing

“There are the tons of different factors that go into ranking well, but the biggest is high-quality content” ~ David Sinick

The Content marketing can be defined as creating and distributing relevant, valuable content that is able to communicate with the customers and help you achieve your marketing goals. In other words, it is something that educates, amuses, and provides value to customers in order to attract the audience. There are many forms of content marketing—including videos, podcasts, info grams, Wikipedia pages, and more. 

6. Reputation marketing

Reputation marketing
Reputation marketing

It uses press releases, social media, customer review platforms, and more to develop a positive perception of the company. Online referrals or information present on credible sites such as Wikipedia can build a company’s reputation and establish a stable position in the industry. Today companies are using Wikipedia as a marketing platform to build a reputation. With the help of Wikipedia writers and editors, businesses use Wikipedia to inform the readers of their business. It just doesn’t increase their reputation; it also helps in boosting the visibility of the business. 

7. Influencer marketing

“A brand is no longer what we tell the consumers it is — it is what consumers tell each other it is.” ~ Scott Cook

The Influencer marketing is nothing new, but it is becoming increasingly popular with the changing trends. Influencers –rather, individuals with a strong social following—are paid to promote a brand, products, and services of a company. You need to make sure that you find an influencer who resonate with your potential customers and target to be effective in influencing the decision of the audience.


Once you have an understanding of all the different types of marketing strategy, your next step is to strategize a marketing plan and put them to work for your company. You can use different analytical tools to analyze the effectiveness of the strategies and improve them to be successful. 

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Umair Sami is an SEO and Digital Marketer who knows well about how to excel in every domain. He is currently working as the marketing expert in a reputable company which is a combination of his academic degree and his passion for Search Engine Optimization. He worked his way through many internships as an SEO in the early stages of his career and now works as a manager in the company.

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