Google Trends Super Targeted Content Creation For Multiple Social Media Platforms Like Instagram

Social media platforms are quite competitive with one another. With so many of them flourishing the big market, it is really difficult to actually pinpoint on anyone to concentrate. Most people have multiple accounts and on various social media platforms. Now, with changes and the introduction of new tools, social media platforms are growing even more. If you want to be a social media queen of Instagram, then you better start creating proper content to attract more readers by your side. You can do so with Google Trends by your side as assistance.

Google Trends and it’s meaning

Google Trends is supposed to be a free service, which helps you to see what is happening on one of the major search engines globally, which is Google. It is more than just to let you find out which search items are being popular. You can learn about it more from stormlikes .

  • In place of finding the terms, it will put those points into context through proper comparison and by mapping and charting when and where these search terms were well used.
  • It comprises of multiple customized options as well. These options will help you to select the region, specific categories, date ranges and more that you wish to compare.
  • You further get the opportunity to compare the kind of search you are looking for like images or web, especially if that has to do with Instagram.
  • You will further get in line with the hot searches too through the same tool, where 20 of the most popular searches will be placed right in front of you. Get some ideas from there to apply on your Instagram account now.

Learn some of the keyword traffic

The use of keyword is vital in any kind of social media platform and that goes with Instagram as well. If you want to learn more about the keyword traffic, you are asked to get in line with Google Trends for a change. Want to know why? Let’s get right into details.

  • Google Trends is one official Google tool, which helps in presenting a visual comparison of the traffic level. It will not tell you the exact amount but show a relative one.
  • This tip is rather helpful if you want to know the amount of traffic you can get from one relative keyword phrase. It will actually help you to use the exact keywords and hashtags in your content while creating one for Instagram.

Use it to find a niche

You are always advised to use Google Trends for finding out the niches. It is one great tool to help find a higher niche. Whenever you are making plans to look for new niches, you have to change the range from the past 12 months to 2004 – present. Focusing on this point will help you to see whether the present search volume is on high or declining. It can further help you to check out on the clear-cut shot, which can be introduced in your upcoming Instagram post easily for sure.

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